xM1 and Dangerous Things App

So I have the NeXT implant which I used the Dangerous Things App to protect and set a personal 4 digit passcode.

I’m looking to get the xM1 now and I would like to know whether I need to do the same with it?

Any help gratefully received.

Not exactly mifare handles keys differently, you could set key for each block.

I suppose what I’m trying to ask is whether I or anyone else could make the chip read only and ‘brick’ it.

I’m also struggling to determine the chip type and thus get a datasheet. Is the xM1 a Fudan S50 chip?

The xM1 is one of those backdoored chips that allow you to change the UID. And it should be possible to unbrick it with a proxmark if things go terribly wrong.

That’s the reassurance I needed.

Thank you.

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To further your understanding, and if you are ever looking for compatiable products ,
these sorts of search terms should help you find what you are after

Mifare Classic 1k gen1a S50 IC card


Thank you. That’s genuinely helpful.

Also, I noticed that the advert has a rather sly seller. The advert is actually for PVC slips to put the cards into. Not for the cards themselves!

We have trusted ones if helpful Mifare Compatible 1K Magic UID - Changeable UID Gen1 (FlexM1-Gen1/xM1) - Access Control, Gadgets & Tools, KSEC, Red Team Tools, RFID Access Cards - KSEC Solutions


In my opinion, you should actually get yourself at least a KSEC test card bundle , when starting off in RFID realm, it is always helpful to have test cards that you can play around with, especially before attempting to write to an implant.
It is far easier to learn with, you don’t want to learn with a more expensive implanted …implant
You may not need all the cards just now, but in time you will likely need / want the others

KSEC also sell a Magic card bundle if you are interested

Just my 2𝇍

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Thank you Kai
That makes sense :slightly_smiling_face:

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