Xm1 and xem implant in the same location?

I was thinking of making 2 implants in my left hand with both the XM1 and the XEM . Will this be an issue? Or Will this not be a problem considuring they use different frequencies?

Proximity of less than 5mm will introduce two things;

  1. A small amount of detuning will occur, but they won’t actually “interfere” with each other.

  2. Risk of breaking goes up significantly. Being close together means they could be pinched or pressed together by an external event and the glass has a higher risk of breaking in that scenario.

I have an XEM in my hand for home and car use and I plan to get an XM1 Plus to clone my work ID to once the problem is sorted out and they’re for sale again.

I looked closely at the anatomy of the hand and decided to implant the XEM parallel to my thumb metacarpal about 1/3 of the way from the wrist to the next joint (I’m fully aware that this goes against your recommendations and I accept full responsibility if anything goes wrong with it,) and I plan to put the XM1 Plus about 2/3 of the way from the wrist to the next joint along the index finger metacarpal. This will place them about 30mm apart from tip to tip (I’m quite tall and have correspondingly enormous hands.) Napkin math suggests that detuning should be negligible. does this sound right to you?

300mm? that seems like a lot? Otherwise it sounds ok… interference should be minimal.

I’m 6’8" and have huge hands,so I have more space to work with. I’m looking at my hand again with a ruler and tip to tip distance of the implants might end up more like 24mm apart. Still looks like it should be OK. I’ll be the Guinea Pig for two in one hand.

That seems like its far enough apart

I just re-read what I wrote and realized I screwed up. I meant 24mm, not 240.