xM1 placement question

I was wondering if xM1 will be ok in the knife edge of right hand. I know it’s 3mm, but I would be the most convenient placement in terms of usage, access.
What do you think?

We have our xG3 on the knife edge, and its 3mm. It’s fine there for us.

It took a little longer to heal than any of our other implants, but that’s probably cos we installed it bevel up & that little bit of skin got folded in? If you get it installed right, it should be fine.


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I have already installed them but thanks

It’s hard to answer this because everyone’s hand is different… but I’ve seen lots of people with 3mm implants placed there. In fact, I know someone with a 35mm long 3.85mm diameter implant there… a special job we did… I wouldn’t recommend putting something that huge there, but it’s been done in the past.