XM1+ relaunch or alternative elsewhere?

Hi there.
Our university uses the UID of the Mifare Classis 4k to grant entrance etc. It’s the 4 byte UID. I want to implant a cloned chip in order to, for example, open the door with just my hand.

The XM1+ seemed perfect for that, but I did not order one early enough. Is there any chance that it will be relaunched by dangerousthings, or maybe that they have one lying around there just for me ;)?

As for alternatives, I have found this site with this chip: https://chip-implants.com/shop/nfc-implant-x3-elite/
Will it work and is the site reputable? Are there any other alternatives you guys know about?


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I heard from one, that he had the X3 Elite and he can’t change the UID :frowning:

Amal wrote a post, about problems with the xM1, maybe similar happens to the X3 Elite, this could be explain why he isn’t able to change the UID

Part of the issue has been chip quality… particularly trying to get silicon die chips from factories that fit into glass… they basically ship trash out and it’s not been a good experience for us or our customers.

The other issue is range… these chips are Chinese clones of IP protected products and they are not made to be power efficient… so packing them into glass with a tiny antenna coil considerably reduces their utility. I personally tried to use one of our xM1+ chips with a real-world system and could not get the xM1+ chip to read at the terminals because of chip performance with such a small antenna.

I am exploring a possible approach that will solve both problems… a flexM1+ …

I took this chip from a working device that has been through Q/A in China… so I am hoping the reliability of it is much greater than the die chips I was getting for the xM1+

At this point it is just a prototype… I still need to test function and gather materials to manufacture it… the antenna structure needs adjustment… I need to see if I can reduce the size of the antenna a bit… I need to source more chips… there is no timeline yet, this is a back burner project… but just be aware it’s coming. I may need to assess the number of people who want this soon though, before I go buying parts… so look for a pre-order opportunity.


Thank you. Will then be looking forward to the flexM1+ :smiley:

me too :slight_smile: You can’t have enough chips in your body :wink:

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I’m in exactly the same position. The University at which I studied and now work utilises Mifare Classic 4k cards for printing, car parking, etc. I’ve hoped to clone one of these to an implant for quite some time now.

Unfortunately the body modification scene has taken a bit of a blow in the UK, with a high profile case of a piercer being jailed for carrying out body mods earlier this year.

I had finally decided to go ahead with a magnetic implant last year, however with piercers now risking prosecution, I’ve had to hold off. Thankfully I have managed to arrange an appointment in Prague to have the work carried out.

As the flex implants are a much more involved process, I’d hoped to see a Classic 4k compatible glass capsule that I could have implanted with much greater ease (and lesser expense), whilst remaining in the UK. Fingers crossed they come back around!

Keep your eyes peeled… new flexM1+ coming very soon… and also working on a possible flexM4+ as well. The good thing about these is that the range is close to 10x better than what the xM1+ had.


Huh, nice. Do you think we’ll ever see a re-release of the XM1+ or a XM4+? I really want to get one but flex install sucks compared to x series install. Closest partner is probably 600+ miles away and I doubt anybody closer would do it.

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I just purchased an xm1+ but I think ill hold off on the implant until the flexm1 is released

Is there any estimated release date Amal?
Or perhaps a beta test. id gladly volunteer to get it implanted.

Honestly think the flexm1 will be my next implant
And it makes me excited

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Great, glad to hear these are close. Can the UID be changed on the flexM1+?

I’ve been able to successfully clone some cards, which work as expected, so just need the implant now!

Yes they will be full Chinese “Magic Backdoor” gen1a changable 1k chips


That’s great news, thanks for the update!

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So its been a while

Any more news one the flexm1 ??

yeah… we have chips sorted and we’re getting antennas dealt with next. it’s incredibly difficult to get reliable partners to make these things… i’m almost considering buying a giant wireweaver and knitting my own… grrrr


Awesome that there has been progress
I’m really hanging out to replace my xm1 with the flex

Keep up the good work mate !

Question… we are exploring the gen1a vs gen2 chip for this… we can get gen1a chips with the backdoor command fairly easily… gen2 chips are much harder and more expensive by a long shot… but they don’t have a detectable backdoor command, and have the added advantage of being able to be written to with the MCT Android app.

What’s more important to you… the quicker availability and lower price of the gen1a chip, or gen2 functionality?

Man that’s a tough one

I’m not as versed in the chips as you are obviously
I’m using the xm1 for gym access primarily
Unfortunately its too small to be read by 50% of the equipment and the access doors

If I got the flexm1 I would essentially be replacing the xm1 with the new flex chip, and asking the gym to add it to the system as my new “id”

Thus I supposed being able to write to the implant by android app is a secondary requirement
Would be nice to be able to add contact details or something but not necessary I guess

I should also add that I’m not sure what the chinese backdoor is or how it is used

The Chinese backdoor is what lets you write a new UID onto it.

As in cloning another chips id to the implant?
In lieu of adding the implant to the security system ?