XM1+ relaunch or alternative elsewhere?

@Amal wil be better placed to give you release date approximations, however from the questions I asked 3 weeks ago here are some answers…

  1. the flexM1 specifically is in prototyping now and preliminary results are looking great
  2. Yes, the flexM1 will come in two flavors, gen1a & gen2
  3. Next year is the official discount sale… cyborg monday is our only major sale of the year… however we are looking at pre-sale sales prices for new products like the flexM1.

If you can’t wait then grab the xM1
Obviously the FlexM1 is going to have superior read range and if I had a specific use for one I would wait for that.
Personally, as I dont have a specific use case for one, I am WAITING for, and HOPING it comes to fruition a new Hackers 2 in 1 Chip (xM1 / xEM), I’m not sure what the progress is, if any, but do know DT are working through order backlog from cyber Monday, and the Holiday season won’t be helping progress with manufacturers etc. :christmas_tree:+ :partying_face:+ :factory: = :sloth:

Some food for thought.
I hope that helps