XM1+ relaunch or alternative elsewhere?

As in cloning another chips id to the implant?
In lieu of adding the implant to the security system ?


Ok makes a bit more sense now

And so in my situation where I can have the implant added to the gyms id system, I wouldn’t need to buy any further writing equipment to use it

Just add the implant and I’m set ?

If that’s the case, then id say a gen1a chip would be my answer Amal
As long as it has the increased read range, in sure id be happy with it

I’d love to see a gen2 version if only for the MCT compatibility. Having the possibility to store many cards on your phone and just update the chip whenever a different card is needed, would be very convenient.

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I’d prefer 1a. I’ve bricked some gen2 stuff by writing the wrong file, etc. Invalid access bits written to the 3rd sector anddd its gone.

It is does make it all require a proxmark and rule out MCT though. However I already have the proxmark and am very familiar with that.

This is definitely solved with the flex form factor… huge range… amazing range.

For gen1 chips yes, after the HALT state is achieved, you can send a special “back door” command to the gen1 chip and it will basically do away with all security of any kind and you can write whatever you want to the chip, including invalid configurations… mess something up, remove from the field and repeat the process… the command basically opens the doors to mayhem. The problem with gen1 chips is that some readers and systems are now checking for these chips by issuing this command and if the chip responds, the system rejects the chip.

Inversely, gen2 chips simply allow writing to sector 0 where the NUID lives (it’s non-unique ID because it’s only 4 bytes and even NXP has updated this specification to “NUID” because they had to start issuing repeats)… the problem with the gen2 chips is that they respect the original rules laid out by the Mifare Clasic… for example;

Yep. This is where I think the Chinese go a bit too far with their attempt to emulate the Mifare Classic perfectly… there is no need for this rule to exist on gen2 chips, but they honored it anyway and now you have to be super careful when writing data to a gen2 chip or you’ll brick any sector with an invalid access bit configuration written… and… I mean… they do some pretty dumb schoolyard shit for no reason I can see to make writing the access bits hard to do as a manual process… http://amal.net/?p=3932

NFC-Access-Control-for-Mifare-S50.pdf (631.1 KB)

So it looks like I’ll have to explore both a flexM1-G1 and flexM1-G2 product.

Sounds Good Amal,

I just need something that I can replace my current xm1+ chip with, to add to the gym’s access system.
Perhaps If you come up with something I can trial it before implant. to check if it works

Is there any way we could do a flexM1 with the magic backdoor along with an xM1 that is simply a mifare classic, no chinese backdoor?

Right now we’re not able to source Mifare Classic dies and the performance is also pretty bad.

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Here’s my voice for flexM1 Gen1.

All the existing use cases I have are fine with Gen1 Chinese magic (they’re not testing it).
Also, I would appreciate the lower cost of Gen1 as these toys run in the range of +US$100.

Let me know if you need a flexM1 early beta tester :wink:

We are looking into supplying the flexM1 in gen1 and gen2 flavors soon as a pre-order so we can gauge interest.

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Any updates on the flexM1? Or is it worth purchasing the xM1 magic? Will there be any “after Christmas”-discounts like we had on Cyborg Monday?

As for alternatives, I have found this site with this chip: https://chip-implants.com/shop/nfc-implant-x3-elite/
Will it work and is the site reputable? Are there any other alternatives you guys know about?

The site is reputable (it’s the English-speaking version of https://iamrobot.de/). I bought two chips from them, one of them being the X3 Elite in my left hand. No problems with either ordering or the chips themselve.

I have space left in my hands for a few DT chips, which I am strongly considering (I wish I had found out about DT before implanting the Iamrobot chips… One can’t be smart all of the time :slight_smile: ) But the dumb Iamrobot chips will do for now, as I don’t have time to goof with that now.

I heard from one, that he had the X3 Elite and he can’t change the UID

I can change the UID in mine. It’s a bona fide magic Chinese Mifare Classic.

@Amal wil be better placed to give you release date approximations, however from the questions I asked 3 weeks ago here are some answers…

  1. the flexM1 specifically is in prototyping now and preliminary results are looking great
  2. Yes, the flexM1 will come in two flavors, gen1a & gen2
  3. Next year is the official discount sale… cyborg monday is our only major sale of the year… however we are looking at pre-sale sales prices for new products like the flexM1.

If you can’t wait then grab the xM1
Obviously the FlexM1 is going to have superior read range and if I had a specific use for one I would wait for that.
Personally, as I dont have a specific use case for one, I am WAITING for, and HOPING it comes to fruition a new Hackers 2 in 1 Chip (xM1 / xEM), I’m not sure what the progress is, if any, but do know DT are working through order backlog from cyber Monday, and the Holiday season won’t be helping progress with manufacturers etc. :christmas_tree:+ :partying_face:+ :factory: = :sloth:

Some food for thought.
I hope that helps

We have the elements for a flexM1 (gen1 & gen2) and prototypes are good… it’s all about lining up production at this point. I think we will launch by the end of January 2020.


where would you recommend for a source of 4/6ga needles for the flex install?

Amal was talking about a production run of measured needles available for Professional installers, BUT I think we planted the seed and he MAY make them available to us also. ( Not sure if they are ready yet, Or if they will be ready in time for the FlexM1 or Flex One. )

The logic being, if we are going to do it, we might as well do it with the correct tools… StandBy, I will track down the thread for you…
Heres the Thread

Here’s the Pertinant points :wink: :syringe:

These are in process now… TBD on availability as a direct to consumer item.


Obviously you have your reasons and it’s totally your decision at the end of the day.
I would say though.

  • Not everybody has ready access to a piercing partner.
  • If people are going to do a self install of one of your products, they will do it whether you sell the needle to them or not.
  • They (myself included) will just get it from somewhere else
  • Will we get one with measurements for depth?
  • Will we get the correct gauge or too big or small, because of the inconsistencies in the naming convention?
  • Will we get one that has been selected and tested for sharpness.
  • Will we get one that goes through your quality assurance?
  • Will we get a properly sterile one?

Your needle will be the correct tool for the job in all of these scenarios.
You could also argue somebody could do more damage with the scalpels you sell or even the PMK [Pain Management Kit].
Wouldn’t your liability be the same?
In fact the xSeries syringes, if used incorrectly could do almost as much damage ( veins, tendons etc ) obviously smaller gauge and more control, but you get my point.

I know You know all of this, I’m just giving you my voice, as one of a consumer.

The fact you are hesitant just confirms what we already know about you and your company.

The motorcycle salesman is not the one at fault when they sell a motorbike to somebody that chooses not to wear a helmet and falls off their bike.
All the salesman can do is suggest the use of a helmet, provide a helmet for sale and offer them a discount :wink:
( isn’t there an American quote, “let those who ride decide” ?) :motorcycle::rescue_worker_helmet: :us:

Dangerous Things highly recommends that purchasers of the 4g installation needle take their needle and implant product and obtain the services of a trained professional who is medically qualified and legally permitted to pierce and install subdermal implants :man_judge:

This is just my opinion, but I’m pretty sure others in the community would agree.



Yay! didn’t want to offend! :grin: