xM1 removal performed today

Hey all, no new issue here, but wanted to give @amal a shout out. I had a defective xM1 taken out of my right hand today. I provided the instructions from here: X-series tag removal to a dermatologist. After the initial shock and questions of what it was, why I had it, etc., she was happy to do the procedure, and it only took about 10 min from initial numbing to completion.


That is actually great information. I never thought a dermatologist was qualified / willing to do that.

What country are you in?

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US. They “coded” it for health insurance as a “foreign body removal” so all I paid was a $25 co-pay too.


That’s super cool of them!

So just to be clear this is a defective xM1 correct? Remind me again what the issue is… is it totally dead or is it ATQA: 00 00 dead?

Yessir, this was a defective xM1 that was installed back in Aug 2018. It never worked and we communicated back then, coming to the decision that it was just a dud. I was just avoiding doctors for ‘reasons’ and hadn’t had it out yet…

ok cool… I definitely want it back for analysis… I am making a collection of dead and DOA units to take for x-ray inspection so I need as many samples as possible. Do you have our return address? We can provide a label if that helps.

OH! I had planned on keeping it, but if it would help you I’m willing to send it back. A label would definitely help.