xM1+ too close to bone?

About 10 hours ago I got the xM1+ implanted in my right hand. The needle went a bit too far and the chip ended up very close to my index metacarpal bone.

I’ve tried massaging the chip to get it further up, but it seems impossible to relocate it due to the placement.
Is the placement fine or should I remove it?

That’s about where mine ended up after healing. How many millimeters of flesh would you say there is between the tip of the xM1+ and your second metacarpal?

Thats hard to say. There’s probably 3-5mm of flesh separating the chip from the bone.

That is fine, if it stays where it is. I’ve had two glass tags in that location that both migrated about that same distance from the bone because of the shape that my thumb muscles assume when I’m forming a fist.

looks like it’s the first dorsal interosseous.

I would only be concerned if it’s right up against the bone. It will naturally move a few millimeters up the wound canal as it heals. You could assist it along by firmly pressing on your palm below the site to prop up the muscle, and lightly pushing on the rear of the xM1+ to move it towards the wound exit. Honestly I wouldn’t recommend it this soon after implantation, though. Just let it heal.