xMagic HF hard to read/write

Hey all, I thought I had soft bricked my xMagic Mifare because I was getting BCC errors, but found the guidance to get it fixed and all is good now. I’ve gotten through a successful cwipe, magic revive, write of an old Mifare Classic v1 card, and autopwn against my hand to see if the output was the same as the original card.

That said… getting it to read and write successfully was HARD. I get write errors such as, “Can’t set magic card block: 15” and then the retry works, and read errors such as " Block 47 Cmd 0x30 Wrong response len, expected 18 got 0".

I had to install the small blue HF antenna on my Prox3 RDV4, figure out the “sweet spot” and press down on the antenna hard while pushing on the underside of the web of my hand just to get a good read. The Large HF antenna didn’t do any better. I had hoped to find a better antenna like the LF ferrite one from Proxgrind, but I haven’t found one for HF.

Does anyone have any tips and tricks to make loading tags onto the xMagic (or xM1+) more reliable?


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do you have the case on your proxmark? if not you should be putting it on. the case acts as an often necessary obstruction to prevent “too good” coupling which sounds counterintuitive because it is.

magicrevive just runs manually block sets and a wipe, cwipe will do it for you.

due to the small antenna size of implants part of having on is finding the sweet spot in which to hold your proxmark to get a good write, this takes time and experience but eventually youlll get there.

as for the LF portion, while you can buy the implant antenna my personal experience of having one & another custom made one honestly just flipping the antenna out like so and putting the implant underneath (so not on the antenna side, underneath in this context would be the ‘top’ side of the antenna) to get decent coupling.


How long ago was it installed?

You could look into a MFGC or RSP, which could help

If it helps, you can add a delay to your PM3 commands to give you some time to position the PM3 before it tries to read: How to add a delay to Proxmark3 commands for implantees

But for the most part it comes down to just learning the placement and experimentation. Playing with the xFD’s that came with your implant, as well as the hf tune and lf tune commands on your PM3 can help you find that sweet spot

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Wait, WUT? OMG, you’re right. I remember hearing that the implant could essentially get overloaded. I was trying everything without the case because I thought it would be better … but as you said “counterintuitive” … I just tossed the case on and it’s WAY more reliable!


not just implants, cards fobs etc. the RDV4 is incredibly good at its job, sometimes to a fault :slight_smile:

glad to hear it’s helped, should have the same effect with the stock antenna so you don’t have to swap between them constantly

oh also the pic for the lf antenna i forgot to add to my first message RE lf implant coupling


Dear LORD, I guess I didn’t realize I could literally move the LF off to the right like that. Makes sense though. BTW, what is that case you’ve made? That looks terribly handy, and I’ve got a 3D printer… STL/3MF appreciated!

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ah it’s not mine, just a reference pic i grabbed years ago, i’ve had a lot of people express the same sentiment so i think i will go ahead and model one up in the following days :slight_smile:


Thanks, it’s been a while and I forgot about the tune commands. Definitely easier to find that sweet spot.

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