xMagic install went kinda south

Howdy Folks,
Got a visit to the ripper doc today. xMagic arrived last week so I’ve decided it was time for install. Unfortunately things did not went as smooth as installing the NeXT implant. Long story short, I went there, the guy marked the position, sticked the needle in, pushed the plunger. So far so good. The not so cool part was the implant started going back to the insertion whole. It almost went out 1/2 of it’s length. The guy pushed it back and then he wrapped me up pretty good. See the pic below. I am trying not to get too paranoid but there might be some chance of infection related with antibiotics intake coming in my near future. I am going to remove the bandage tomorrow and keep an close eye on how it heals. So far chip reads just fine, but that’s not my major concern.


interesting… was the plunger fully depressed, and possibly was there pressure being applied to the implant site as the needle was being withdrawn?

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Yup. Plunger fully depressed. As soon as the guy lift his finger the implant was on his way out :confused: Dunno what went wrong, since my arm was fully relaxed so I doubt the muscle pushed it out. Anyways if I decide to get apex, I am not going there. I was almost sure we lost the implant when I saw it sticking out of the whole. In case the whole did not closed after 12 hours, which I doubt very much, I will apply super glue to the puncture wound to keep it sealed. Damn it was such a nice day

was there blood behind pushing it maybe? also did he tent the skin? if he did tent, did he let go after the needle was fully seated, then let go of the skin, then pull back and eject?

It went like so
Pinch the skin and lift it up
Insert needle full depth
Release the pinch
Retract needle slightly, depress plunger
With one finger applying pressure in front of the implant, with other taking the needle out
No extensive bleeding occured. No major blood vessels were injured. There were just two drops of blood.
As soon as he lift his finger which was applying the pressure the implant started going out.
From what I saw the procedure did not defer much of what he did for the NeXT.
Anyways it’s in as of now and hopefully not going out. Risk of infection increased thou, because of touching the implant.

thanks for the recap. i think they did the correct procedure, but there may have been a bit of blood filling up behind the implant that just caused it to push out a little bit. it doesn’t take much. usually it will work its way around the implant and you’ll have a few drops of blood come out but if the implant is sitting just right it can be pushed out a few mm. as long as sterile gloves or gauze was used to push it back in, and the skin around the injection site was well prepped, you should be fine.


Great detailed reply,
I would have said the same as Amal, ~“everything sounded correct.”

Did you happen to video the install?

Hey @Pilgrimsmaster , unfortunately I did not shoot video of the install. I just removed the bandage, and things so far are okay. Wound seems to be closed, so no need of super glue. No red spots or abnormal pain, tissues are soft to touch. There is minor swelling but it should go away in the next few days. I’ve applied small amount of CBD cream around the implant, which seems to have pretty good anti inflammatory effect). I guess I just got scared of loosing the implant when I saw it sticking out(it was wtfff moment). On the other hand I saw xMagic with my own eyes. Here’s a pic taken 5 mins ago.


It’s looking pretty normal, and looks far enough away from the insrtion site.

Might be worth putting a barrier between the xMagic and the “hole” if you are worried.
Somthing semi rigid that you can tape down.
eg. a Chuppa Chup stick

I think maybe Amal shoukd start including Chupp Chups with the install kit pouches.

Quadruple use:

  1. Sugar hit for vaso reaction
  2. Distraction to from the pain
  3. Corral for barrier
  4. Lollipop for your boo-boo

Amal, My favourite is Cola by the way

These are my preferred packs

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Hey @Pilgrimsmaster thanks for the lollie pops suggestion. I used something else. If you know the cotton pads for makeup cleaning. So you can roll them pretty tight. They provide some verticality and they used to suck body liquids in case of a need. The not so cool part is sticking those to the skin with some medical tape. I hate when I need to remove the tape because all my skin hairs are getting painfully extracted lol. For the record I also got antibiotic paste just in case some bacteria went in and decided to have lunch with me. I prefer to kill it before it multiply and create some more trouble.

Ps since you’ve mentioned the lollie sticks I may use them for some fine angle tuning of my next. Thanks man

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Bumping my own topic, after 10 days things turn out very well. No infection was present since gloves were sterile despite my concerns(and also using antibiotic cream on top) Needed to stay few days with a lollipop stick pushing the xMagic in the right place but I am very satisfied from the end result. Right now both implants I have in L0 and R0 are in the same position. Pretty neat