xNT and Mifare or Legic

I got my xEM implant 2 weeks ago which works really great for my purpose, and now thinking for an additional xNT for my house door. Since I’d wish a quite secure communication for my house door I think I’d prefer Mifare Desfire or even Legic advant. NTAG216, as well as Mifare and Legic are ISO 14443 compliant.
I’m a total newbie to this topic, so sorry if my questions seem dumb, but it’s not clear to me what ‘ISO 14443’ means exactly.
Is it possible to switch one fob to Mifare, Legic, etc… as long as it is ISO14443 compliant?

Will I be able to clone a mifare fob to the xNT implant (without any “hacking” knowledge, I think of a simple read/write process)? Or will I have to go for the flex desfire implant? And if cloning is not possible due to read-only areas, which software/reader/writer solution would you suggest?

Thank you so much in advance,
All the best, Wolfgang

Hi Sputnik,

you can’t clone things to the xNT (NTAG216) but yes it is ISO14443A. The issue is that ISO14443A is more about command set and air interface than it is about feature set and memory structure. All those tag types you listed have different features, security features, and memory structures that may not be compatible on the application level with your access control system.

That said, there are some systems that allow a “simplified” level of access control which allows the one common thing across all ISO14443A tags to be used as access tokens - the UID (unique identifier). If your system does support this, it’s most likely turned off by default. Check with your system vendor to see which types of features are supported and if you can use a “mifare ultralight” tag with the system. The NTAG216 chip is not technically “ultralight”… it’s NTAG… but NTAG is an extension on the old Ultralight C, so if a system supports mifare ultralight it should support NTAG based tags like the xNT.

Thank you for your quick reply.
At “Product Compatibility List” in this forum’s FAQ category, I will find CES OMEGA FLEX as xNT supported device.
Looking at their CES website, they state compatibility for Mifare Classic + Desfire, and for Legic prime + advant.

Does that mean, I could access that lock with an xNT-chip (probably with Mifare classic)? Do CES locks read UID only or would I need additional software and hardware to successfully implement the xNT-implant?

Thank you again in advance, I try to collect as many informations as possible from various sources, but it’s not easy to understand the whole topic without any basic knowledge.
Best, Wolfgang

I can’t say that all CES locks will work with the xNT, but the Omega Flex will. Not even all Samsung Ezon locks work with NTAG216 chip based tags… most do, but not all. It’s really frustrating that we can’t get tech details from these companies, so the only way to know is to test.