Xnt as a master key

I bought an nfc lock but it doesn’t seem to be compatible with it, I have an nfc key that works just fine and I’m too dumb to figure it out

This is the key card that works just fine with it, I have a xnt so I’m not sure if it’s just the wrong implant for this

What lock do you have? A link would be helpful :slight_smile:

That tag you scanned is a Mifare 1k so the xM1 or the upcoming flexM1 would be compatible.


giphy (8)

Your xNT won’t be able to operate it.
SO you need what @leumas95 said

And yeah, we would all be keen to know what lock it is.
Photo, link, description etc.


I had forgotten about a link oops

But dang I still have keys for it but I was hoping for a lock that’s compatible with the Xnt. All the ones I’ve found are 125kHz or Bluetooth

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Sounds like you are in a market for a FlexM1(when avaliable) or xM1


an xEM or NExT

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I already have the Xnt and I don’t quite wanna get a second just yet, maybe one day I’ll find something that works with mine.

Thank you for the replies and for saving me another 20 minutes tryna figure out if I’m just scanning it wrong or not :joy:


I think there talking about another implant as in the suggestion the get a xM1 for this lock to work.

The other option is to make a lock with an arduino?

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Just to clarify, the xNT is “High Frequency” and uses an NTAG216 chip. The xEM is “Low Frequency” and uses a ATA5577. The NExT has both

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Removed that post, I was half asleep when I wrote that, got them 2 mixed up in my head ty for pointing out my mistake :smiley:

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