xNT cannot feel or read after implant

Hey guys

Recently got my xNT installed about 24 hours ago I’m just growing concerned because I can’t seem to locate where the chip is or how it is even positioned. I’ve been trying to get a read from the chip from a Samsung a20 (have rested that it has nfc) and an iPhone XR however can’t seem to find anything.

Am I being impatient? I’m not sure what to do at this point

24 hours is a rough time for this because of the swelling. It’s hard to feel, especially because it can be painful to feel around the area. I’d suggest waiting at least two days before expecting to be able to feel it fully, and once you can you’ll know it’s orientation. Also make sure you know where and how to position your phone, if you have the X field detector it is much easier.


Thank you for your reply!

It does not look like my hand is swollen up so much? Is this something you can’t really see? If i don’t end up being able to see or feel the chip is this normal? Apologises for the newbie questions!

When it was installed, did the installer pull the skin up while inserting the needle? Who performed the install? We’re they a professional?

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Yes they are on DT website on the partners map,
I don’t remember an awful lot because I felt very faint afterwards (not good with blood insight) but I do believe she knew exactly what to do, she said she’s installed them before! So I do believe it was installed correctly

In New Zealand in the north island Piercu, she’s a piercing professional

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Hey guys just an update I’m not 100% sure If the aches and pains I’m having are normal

But I’m having this feeling of weakness and slight achiness, in my index finger and a few sharp pains occasionally around my knuckles. This is expected from a 2 day old installation?

Still can’t seem to find the chip or feel it either, any advice I appreciate :blush:

It’s rare, but occasionally people report these kinds of sensations. The real issue would be pain or tender to the touch, redness, and swelling around the injection site. That would indicate an infection.

Either it was placed too deeply, or the swelling or pooling of blood around it is keeping your installation area swollen for the duration of healing, which can take 2-4 weeks to complete. Usually though, pooled blood in the installation site will result in a bruise… so it’s unlikely this is the issue. Still, it’s worth waiting at least a couple weeks before getting too worried about it.