XNT chip iPhone

Hi so I was wondering is it normal for a iPhone not to read my nfc tag if you program it to a url because my iPhone only reads my chip only if I’m in NFC Tools

The only thing I have programmed to it right now is my popl link

Is it an iPhone 8 or older?

No it’s a iPhone 13

Make sure you look up where the antenna orientation, and that you are perpendicular with your chip

There is a good video on the subject on the DT YouTube

Thank you Amal

iPhone/iOS only background reads NDEF formatted tags and will only react if there is a URL in slot 1.

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Also an extra warning

Just as an NDEF record correct?
You didn’t add your NExT as a Sticker via the app did you?

I think POPL adds a password to the NTAG.

I’m not sure if the password to remove it is known :man_shrugging:

But if it’s just a url in NDEF you will be fine