xNT invalid tag error


hey all, just had the xNT installed and wrote my vcard to it. now im getting a invalid tag error when using nfc tools and DT Support tool can see the ndef v-card was written to it using nxp tag info but cant write to, or read from anymore just get invald tag from all readers. Any ideas on how to fix this?


Did you initialize it with the Dangerous Things NFC app before writing your Vcard to it?

What app did you use to write the NDEF records?


Android’s NFC support and associated libraries are kinda like sand… you build a house on it, and it’s gonna shift. I’ve seen a recent spate of odd issues like this. Get TagInfo from NXP and do a full scan, then share that data here. My hunch is that there are two NDEF messages on the chip… a blank one, then one with your vCard. Unfortunately software engineers suck so hard sometimes… nobody follows NFC spec… hell they don’t even follow ISO spec on the RF protocol side… so yeah, putting two NDEF messages on a tag, which is totally within spec, is handled like dog shit by everyone… but I digress… happy Monday.


Is there a more secure way i can share info with you? I dont want to share my contact info on a public forum.