xNT issues still

Hey… so regarding the NFC and android. I have now four android phones that my xNT does not get picked up by. Is this a phone issue? I just got in the mail today a Samsung galaxy J7 which has nfc but cannot read my implant. Is this another phone issue? Is there a difference between prepaid and non prepaid SIM cards? I currently have an iPhone X but bought now four prepaid androids through my carrier in hopes I can use the android for my chip but morning works. Someone previously said to just grab any ol android but now I’m thinking these androids or my chip are faulty. I researched the galaxy before buying and have tried every angle, upside down, right side up, in contorted positions to get a read but so far bubkiss

It’s possible it’s bad, but they test them before they ship… it’s very rare.

Check out this video and see if it helps… The orientation is very critical…

And just to confirm:

  1. you have NFC in the phone settings turned on
  2. The screen is on and you are running an app like NXP Tag Info while trying to scan the chip
  3. you are holding the phone in each position for a second or 3 to give it time to scan

Purchasing an xLED would go a long way to figure out how to scan your chip with your phone.

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Yep. you have NFC in the phone settings turned on
YepThe screen is on and you are running an app like NXP Tag Info while trying to scan the chip
Yepyou are holding the phone in each position for a second or 3 to give it time to scan

Am I doing it wrong? My phone has NFC but this isn’t working

Take the back cover off your J7. See if you see this outline on the battery and place your implant in the exact orientation and location as the red line.

Just to be clear, This is the outline I am talking about.


Any luck?

No luck. Tried last night and this AM :confused:

Can you post a clear, high res pic of your battery. I have seen both 1) people replace their battery with a 3rd party battery that does not have the NFC antenna in it, and 2) people buy a knock-off samsung battery that claims to have an NFC antenna in it, but does not. There is a chance that your battery lacks a working NFC antenna.

Of course, other questions include 1) can your phone read other NFC tags without issue? 2) is your xNT implanted or are you trying to read it while still in the kit / needle?

Looks like original battery. Can it be SIM card specific?

Chip is trying to be read after implant

That’s a J7?

From what I can find, this is a J7 2017 version and does not have NFC. At least the verizon version doesn’t. Seems like older versions of the J7 had NFC but those had a square battery like the one in the picture I posted.

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At the very least, the battery itself does not have an NFC antenna… those batteries have a clear outline of the antenna in the affixed label, and they actually say NFC on the battery as well. I think @turbo2ltr is right… that phone probably does not have NFC. You can tell by going into Settings and looking for an NFC section where you can turn NFC on and off. If it does not have an NFC section anywhere under Settings then your phone does not support NFC.

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Thank you! I will get another phone

alternatively, you can buy a USB reader thats cheaper than a phone for about £35

ACS ACR122u is a good one and works with the xNT etc

I double checked my carrier and phone and also picked up this

but still no read. When I open the DT app I enter a password and nothing…I don’n think mine works

  1. Did you install the proper drivers for the ACR122U reader, because just plugging it in will not result in a working reader.

  2. are you positioning your xNT in the proper place?

  1. Can you supply your order number? Either post is here or PM me with order details.

Good news!! My moto2 with nfc just came in. Scanned my implant a moment ago with DT app. Now trying to find it again.

well that is good news! when you scanned with the DT app, did you set a password and all that… and what was the message that popped up when you scanned it successfully?

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