xNT (NExT) vs xM1

I was looking to get a NExT but I found the xM1 was more interesting, but that meant having two implants rather than just one to get a low frequency chip. So I’m trying to weigh my options.
The only difference I could find, besides a few devices not working, was the NFC support, they seem almost identical for everything else. Is there something I missed? Also, would I be missing out on something if I didn’t have NFC support? because it doesn’t seem to do that much, especially with the old version.

As for low frequency, I read a post saying the xEM has a writable uid, but it isn’t mentioned anywhere outside that thread, is it writable and which other ones are writable?

The mifare chip in the xM1 is not NFC compliant. Some phones will be able to read it, but only certain android phones with NFC reader chips from NXP. Also it has a 4 byte ID. The xM1 mifare chip also has a programmable ID.

The ntag216 NFC chip inside the NExT and xNT is a fully NFC type 2 compliant RFID chip with 7 byte ID, which is read only.

Compatibility is what it all comes down to. They are both 13.56MHz and both ISO14443A compliant, but so many systems that will work with the xM1 becatits mifare won’t work with the ntag216 in the NExT, and vice versa… and if you want reliable NFC operation with phones, the ntag216 is a must.

As for the reprogrammability of the xEM, the product page talks all about it.

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NFC has a number of uses, as an example

So if you want something like that, the NExT would be the better choice.
The xM1 can do that BUT as Amal mentioned above, it can only share it with Android, which is fine, especially if you have an Android and want to share (shortcut) those files with yourself

The xM1 allows you to change the (N)UID, which comes in handy in a variety of situations and is compatiblewith a lot of products.

Im not sure what you mean by the old version…

The decision between those 2 implants is a very common question, and comes down to what you want to use it for.

For me personally, I had a NExT in my right hand and an xM1 and xEM in my left.

Dont underestimate the power of the xEM (also in the NExT)

Follow this link to read up on the T5577 chip that is in the xEM and NExT

You will find a lot of older /cheaper lock systems, will be compatiable with the xM1, bit if not, it will likely be compatiable with the xEM

HOWEVER, after all that

To help you make your decision

I dont believe it will be coming back into stock any time soon.
There is a project for an alternative, but I cant give you a date for that…

The NExT is a great implant, and frequently the implant that takes the “V” card of many non-cyborgs
:syringe: :cherries:
You won’t be disapointed.


I know that you’re talking about the NExT being the first implant for most people, but I can’t help to be reminded of the guy who wanted to get an xSIID down there… At least Rosco’s foot implant made sense.

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2 did, one (anon***) was removed, the other (@JPlowman) I believe may still be in situ…

Totally makes sense.

He made and shared some cool stuff with us

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I was hoping they would come back, well that makes it a lot easier.

There doesn’t seem to be anything about that. So I guess that’s a no.

Thank you both, I guess I’ll go with the NExT.

You should re read the xEM page then. It’s a quite capable chip for certain applications.

I will try to update the page to make it more clear, but specifically from the xEM product page;

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