xNT nfc chip itchy?

Hey Ive had the xNT chip for about a 1 yearish and recently it has been starting to itch really bad should I be concerned?

You should go to the medic and explain the situation, did you feel that the implant moves a lot?

Always the first step is to seek proper medical attention. That said, is it red, puffy, irritated? Can you post a photo of the implant site? Any other symptoms?

Ulso Yeah I can move it if I try but it doesn’t move on it’s own

Amal it’s not red puffy or anything it doesn’t even hurt it just itches.

How are things? Did you visit a doctor?

Amal No not yet I’m gonna schedule one next week what should I tell them?

So if there is no puffiness and no redness and no pain, just itching… then it could be a very acute localized allergic reaction (though those typically result in redness, pain, and swelling also)… or in a very rare circumstance it could be a pruritoceptive itch caused by acute irritation of an unmyelinated C-fiber in the epidermis. In other words, you may have accidentally placed the implant right up next to an “itch sensing neuron” and it’s physically stimulating it to fire, causing the sensation of itch, but without any other normally associated phenomena. That would be the first I’ve ever heard of such a thing though.

Now I’m curious;

  • how bad does it itch?

  • does it constantly itch or does it come in waves?

  • does pressing gently but firmly down and holding down on the implant with no other movement ease the itch? not enough pressure to cause any pain, but enough to change the implant’s placement and relationship to the epidermis?

To read more about itching, check this out; https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3696473/

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It feel just like a normal itch, nothing hurts about the itch its just annoying.

The itch will come in random waves.

It always seem to itch. I can move the chip quite easily in my hand but it always seem to itch no matter where I move it to.

Should I be worried about this because I use the chip almost every day and would prefer not to remove it. Hope this helps!

Oh and if it helps the first month or so I had it in I had these weird finger twitches not all the time probably once a week and they would only last for like half a second, I haven’t had those for almost 7 months so I don’t know if that was me just being nervous or something else.

We’ll the twitches are from muscles much further up your arm so nothing to do with the chip… the nerves that control those muscles don’t even come down that far, they stop at the muscles in the forearm.

As for the itch, it is normal to have some little itches from time to time during healing and maybe for a while after. I had random itches at the implant site for many years after… but it was maybe a slight twinge maybe once every 4 months… I’d scratch it and that would be it. Sounds like yours is much more persistent.

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