xNT NFC Tag cool uses


Just installed the nfc chip 3 weeks ago been playing with the app nfc tools. Im just wondering if there is any other odd/cool things to do with it. Im looking for party trick type things.


Partytrick could be only: unlocking your phone, if the people didn’t know it. For a partytrick is a magnet better :wink:

I have on my phone: NFC Password safe, I can store my passwords in this program, and I can only unlock it with the chip.


Yea I really wanted to get the m36 lifting magnet but its not in stock. Do you know when it comes back?


I don’t know :frowning: My bodymod who did also the flexNT install, had a magnet from an other person. I don’t have a magnet from DT :frowning: I’m also a waiting for them - to get a second one. My magnet is very strong, but I can also feel magentic fields very good.


do you have a link where you ordered yours or did you forget.


I must also say, I’m from Austria - bodymods are here forbidden - we have very strict piercing rules. Getting chipped is also a big problem here. In Austria needles are only allowed up to 2 millimeters. I posted in a German Piercing and Bodymod group, that I’m interested in getting a magnet. I got a contact from a bodymod. It must be in october or november. He says that the appointment would be able in February or March. I was able to get a holiday in February.


oh yea you’re a little bit away from me so that wouldn’t work haha.


I think there are als bodymods in the USA, UK,… For the flexDF I’m travelling to the UK :slight_smile:


yea ill start looking around thanks for the help.


no problem, you are welcome? Are you on facebook


If you’re looking for fun party trick type stuff, I’ve got my chip set up so when you scan it with a phone, it pulls up this youtube link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ
Not the most amazing thing in the world, I know, but it gets some laughs.


I’ve got mine to cycle my brightness on my phone from scan1 as lowest scan 2 as medium and scan 3 as highest brightness and then back to scan1, that one is fun to show friends, another fun one is going to a museum or whatever and tapping your hand against the rfid security scanners by doors and having the scanner beep for an incorrect password.


I Liked how a small magnet (3x3x1 mm) actually holds on to the tag. However I think the more interesting thing that the tag does is create discussion around the future of humanity (apart from how silly old fashioned keys are).

About silliness of keys: You can forget plain old keys and lose them. You can’t revoke key access it’s hard to legitimately issue more of them easily while they’re too easy to copy. It’s even show that they can be copied from a photo.


Oh and one thing I forgot. I once had my dad scan my tag which only contained my bitcoin addresss as a key. Scanning it with his unlocked phone resulted in the payment intent of the bitcoin app being launched. Then he entered some small amount of BTC and hit send (actually broadcast) and I got the payment on my phone just a few seconds later. There was no one there to witness it, but it definitely shows some new tech so could make a cool impression.


When you did this, how did you store the Bitcoin address? Was it in a url format or plain text? I’m wondering if his phone just recognized the format as a bitcoin address and launched the default bitcoin application, or if you did something to the format specifically to make it work that way.


I used an NDEF URL. This doesn’t require a protocol like http, can also be tel:+123456789, mailto: or in this case even bitcoin:A7…?amount=.1 or similar. The sending bitcoin app (that reads the tag) needs to support/register bitcoin URLs. I used an Android app I used back then, can’t remember off the top of my head.
There’s a lot of info online about this, since NFC isn’t that uncommon at all, it being implanted doesn’t change how it functions.


Also to add to this, when you do a NDEF URL using the bitcoin: URI scheme, most bitcoin ATM’s can read my implant and let me add money to my wallet :smiley:


Rad! I wasn’t aware there was a mailto: style bitcoin prefix. Thanks for the info guys, cheers!