xNT NFC Tag [NTAG216] work but impossible to read with Samsung S8

hello all,

Today my tatoo have implant my chip on my hand. Too easy and feel very good.

I have sucessfuly with ISLOG Logon log my computer direct with the chip its beautyfull sensation to make that.

But now, now my NFC is on in my Samsung S8 but impossible to read the chip, with NFC tools too. Have you an Idea ?

I need to read the chip with the application XNT support for make a password and continue



There have been many reports of the S8 not reading the xNT, however there are also reports of the S8 reading the xNT without issue.

Here are the things to consider when reading the xNT;

  • Remove any extra case you might have around the phone

  • Do not slide the phone over the xNT. Use a tapping motion and bring the phone directly down on to the xNT.

  • Consider getting an xLED to test your S8 to find “the sweet spot” where your xNT can be read.

  • Rotate the phone 45 degrees and try again. Review this video;

Thanks ! That is solved, i have find the good position