xNT NFC tag NTAG216

At work we´re using cardreaders everywhere and i have got the information that they are using 13.56 mHZ Mifare standard. I know that this xNT chip is 13.56mHZ, but does that mean that it will work with all cardreaders that uses 13.56mHZ?

The system we have is Milfare Classic, 4-byte UID, ISO/IEC 14443 type A


Not necessarily… the term “mifare” is now almost as meaningless as “vehicle”… it can mean many different things. In short, if the system those readers are attached to only care about UID, and support the “later” mifare UIDs that are 7 bytes (not the old NUIDs that are only 4), then possibly the xNT could work with such a system. Typically the best way to figure out if it’s possible is to test it, and hopefully do that testing in collaboration with the card system operator or manager.

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