xNT supported NFC door locks

I’m going to be moving into an apartment soon, and will eventually be looking into replacing the door lock to an NFC enabled one, assuming I am allowed to replace the existing lock, to use with my xNT implant. I read that the Samsung locks no longer support the xNT, so I am looking to get some recommendations on some fairly inexpensive locks that can be installed with no modifications to the door. If anybody has some info on the currently supported locks that would greatly help my search. Ideally I’d like to spend less than $200. I also have an XM1+ installed if that happens to be supported by any locks.
Sorry if this has been answered before, and if it has please let me know where and I will delete this post.


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i recommend this one https://www.wilka.de/elektronische-systeme/zylinder/e204-elektronischer-zylinder-easy-2-0-mit-ip67

it is compatible according to the matrix (thx devil <3) and doesn’t do much if any damage to the door itself.

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There are several options for NFC door locks. But the first order of business is to determine what kind of hardware your door supports. I assume you’re in the US, so any of the Euro and Scandinavian door lock products are probably out.

That’s the limiting factor in the choice of NFC locks really.

I did some looking around at all the different options of door locks from the spreadsheet.

The UL1 from Ultraloq looks good (a little more than I am looking to spend) but as it is readily available and requires zero drilling into the door or door frame would be a good option. My main concern is that based on the reviews it seems to be finicky with weather above 80f, and has been known to stop working after the 1 year warranty window has passed.

Has anyone had any experience with the UL1, and if not what are your thoughts on this product over the others. My only requirements are that it works on US doors and does not damage anything (no drilling through door, and no damage to door frame). Also would need to be compatible with XM1+ or xNT.

Quick update for future readers.

I splurged a little and got the Ultraloq Combo: https://store.u-tec.com/products/ultraloq-combo-bluetooth-enabled-fingerprint-key-fob-two-point-smart-lock

The previous tenant at my apartment seems to have kicked in the door, and the hole for the handle was drilled too far in, so the latch does not even catch. The deadbolt works fine though. I tested it with my XM1+ and my xNT and it works with both. It is a little hard to position my hand perfectly over the reader so it is sort of a novelty/party tick at this point as its way easier to use the finger print reader.

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Thanks for the update, I’ve been keeping an eye out for an option for my NExT to replace the deadbolt we have now; the Combo looks like a great option for my use.