Xnt Tag moved in my hand

I have a slight problem unfortunately my xNT tag in my hand moved up next to my bone and I want to ask what I should do now.

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How fresh is the injection? I got a couple of subdermal implants of silicon, what i do to put it back to place is tape. I push it in place and tape the outsides really tight for a couple of days. Sometimes it works, depends on how fresh the implant is. Can you still move it back to the place where you want it?

I don’t know because it’s quite hard to move but I’ll try it thanks :slight_smile:

mh, i wouldnt try to force it when it`s hard to move…

how did it move? like in the first days after injection or later? can you post a picture where the chip is now and where you created the pocket?
i had some issues with small silicon implants and i solved it with a gentle but steady message. i moved my finger with gentle pressure in circles, sometimes the implant found its way and popped back in the pocket, then strip the outside with some strong tape

Check out this post.

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i am having the same problem i have had it for a bout a month now its moveing all the way back to the thumb and index bone i am able to move it back to where it shuld be

At this point it’s probably not going to encapsulate well. The glass is not totally inert, it tells the body to encapsulate it… but that message is only really well received during the trauma if installation. Once the body is healed up, it kind of ignores the glass, so you might be stuck with a tag that is always loose under the skin.

To try to remedy this, you can attempt to create a kind of “fence” or barrier by putting toothpick pieces around the implant and taping it down tightly. This will help stop it moving around. Once done, begin taking a healthy dose of prenatal vitamins. Any brand will do, just start taking those and ensuring the rest of your lifestyle is healthy… lots of sleep at night, healthy food, etc. and the chip may encapsulate in about 2 weeks.

thaks for the up date and the help

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