Xnt Tag moved in my hand


I have a slight problem unfortunately my xNT tag in my hand moved up next to my bone and I want to ask what I should do now.


How fresh is the injection? I got a couple of subdermal implants of silicon, what i do to put it back to place is tape. I push it in place and tape the outsides really tight for a couple of days. Sometimes it works, depends on how fresh the implant is. Can you still move it back to the place where you want it?


I don’t know because it’s quite hard to move but I’ll try it thanks :slight_smile:


mh, i wouldnt try to force it when it`s hard to move…

how did it move? like in the first days after injection or later? can you post a picture where the chip is now and where you created the pocket?
i had some issues with small silicon implants and i solved it with a gentle but steady message. i moved my finger with gentle pressure in circles, sometimes the implant found its way and popped back in the pocket, then strip the outside with some strong tape


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