xNT vs xIC for access control

Hi guys. I’m looking at getting a 13.56MHz chip for access control, in terms of door locks/pad locks/gun box (not too fussed about NFC compatibility with phones or laptops etc), and was just wondering if the xIC would work the same as the xNT?

Has anyone tested or had experience using the xIC on locks that xNT is compatible with?

Thanks in advance.

what I know the xIC is for Legic Systems, I don’t know if this system will also work with the xNT. I have the xIC implanted, because the visitor terrace of the airport use this kind of system, but at the moment only daytickets ( only a ticketmachine)

Do you have experience reading the xIC with Legic access control systems? I’m curious because some Legic systems use smart card chips that require special keying… but this is the first I’ve heard of an ISO15693 chip working with Legic. Any real-world details (reader models, etc.) would be greatly appreciated!

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Thanks JennyMcLane. Do you use the xIC for just that one purpose (with the Legic system) or have you used it with anything else/other access controllers?

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Sorry I think I mixed something up, I thougt that the Legic System would be also the xIC. I must find my airport visitor terrace card and scann it again.

What I get as message that the airport wouldn’T release in the next time the year tickets on RFID - only day tickets :frowning: Still waiting :frowning: I can’T understand they have the access system for RFID, why did they use both - barcode and RFID. They should remove the barcode.