Xray Scanner Airport


Interested in implants but what effect will this have on your body when exposed to metal detectors at court houses, xrays(3d) at airports, and mri machines at hospitals?

Im guessing maybe the xray might damage the device since it is radiating it like a microwave? If its a glass vial will it break and pieces travel though your vein to your heart/brain?

Also will mri machine rip it out of your hand or body part like a magnet, or would it get demagnetised and not work anymore. Like how the 13mhz anti theft tags work, the high frequency deactivator at checkout is strong enough to break the capacitor permanently, thus deactivating the security tag.

I frequent airports, and request pat down vs the giant cancer scanner box but I thought Id like to know possible side effects of these machines first.


No issues with airports, MRIs, xrays, metal detectors, or microwaves.

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We have a Metal Detector at the Airports Visitor Terrace. The Day Tickets works also with RFID.
On one day - only a few people were there, I asked the Security Staff to scan my hands (I have in one hand 2 NFC Chips and one Magnet - nothing showed up with the handheld scanner.