xSIID Alternative uses?

So I looking at my next implant, and I decided to visit Dsruptive’s site. They say their chip has a sensor, and I was wondering what that means. Picture relevant.

The link was here the whole time? https://dsruptive.com/


Looks like they are trying to make a modular “platform” where implants can be made fit for purpose by picking from there different parts to design a new implant. It also seems that what we commonly call the SIID or xSIID is infact just there proof of concept / first design and is a SIID LED. Looks like there looking for partners to create implants with various biometric sensors but none are designed/publicly announced.

FYI, links are lovely especially for startups that name themselves after a really common word with “clever” misspellings that auto correct fucks up :sweat_smile::rofl:

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There is a link… now

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