xSIID and xLED and other placement dilemmas

So I currently have no implants (except a Titan on its way) but am definitely looking to get some. Unfortunately I’m struggling to decide what I want, since I want both everything and nothing at the same time (sorry if you’ve already seen my discussion in the discord, I’ll take as much input as possible).

Some answers to the questions usually asked and things to note:

  • Current cards which I use are based on Mifare Classic EV1 and Mifare DESFire EV1 (I cannot get a second one enrolled easily, so this one is ruled out)
  • I do not have any LF cards / fobs
  • I do not have and will not be getting any RFID door locks (cannot modify dwelling)
  • I will be getting a PM3 so Magic gen 1a chips are fine
  • I am thin / have small-ish hands / fingers with little muscle and fat
    • Not sure back of hand / metacarpals would fit flexes / x series implants

Pretty much the only thing I have decided is that an xSIID is one thing I definitely want (blinkies plus the usual NDEF records / Android NFC actions / laptop login).

The first (/ easy question) - does anyone have a comparison of the brightness of the white / red xLED and the blue xSIID, and could I put both of them in R0? (can you tell I like blinkies?)

Now onto the more challenging question - what else should I get?
The challenge is that I can see upsides and downsides especially related to value in the top Lifestyle bundle.

  • It’s wonderful value especially with Titan discount
  • I’m one of those people who will always spend more to get a better deal
  • Downside is that it makes every other bundle hard to justify - e.g. xM1 for $20 more than Magneto bundle or xG3 for $45 more than Ultimate bundle depending on how you look at it
  • Aside from potentially the xM1 (for Classic EV1 card cloning), I don’t really ‘need’ anything else
    • Even xM1 I might prefer to substitute with the flexM1 for range
    • Spark is a possible exception since I want access to the vivokey forum :joy:
    • Maybe NExT too incase I ever encounter LF

The issue is that (ignoring discount) the Spark plus xM1 is $230, so for an extra $40 I get two extra implants plus a whole suite of extras (well KBR1 / xAC, neither of which I have uses for but still… free stuff!!!). Then there’s the whole flexes have better range dilemma.

Then there’s where the hell I would put them - 4 implants plus xSIID, plus an Apex down the line… its a lot. Plus the xG3 probably can’t be near any other implants :frowning:

Anyone got any input for a guy who likes to spend too much money on hobbies, wants great value, and also is torn by the greater range of flexes?


Fuck yeah.

They are all comparable and R0 is a good spot.
In theory maybe back of the hand is brighter, cuz the implant doesn’t ‘sink in’, but it doesn’t matter afaik.

Yeah having an xAC can’t be bad.

You want flex, you want blinky, you want NExT… see where I’m going?

I might get a Spark and not implant it for the forum.

Not too near, no. But idk 5-10mm and toothpicks during healing might be enough.

My shopping list would be:

  • flexM1
  • Spark 2
  • flexNExT
  • xG3
  • Apex?

Great thought out questions, structure and research etc…

Now I feel bad with my answer.
This may raise more questions than it answers for you.

Are you aware that the Apex is capable of emulating other chips.
I won’t go too much into it, and will leave it for the Apex Crew to confirm the details and where it is at and what/if progress has been made on applets.
In breif the P71 chip can emulate a variety of chips:-
mifare classic 1k, 4k,
Mifare plus 1k, 4k
Mifare desfire ev1 1k, 4k, 8k

The one BIG limitation to be aware of is the inability to change the UID.

I’ll leave that there for you to ponder :thinking: until some confirmation comes through from the…Apexies :interrobang:

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I‘m pretty to new the biohacking Universe :wink:
Why it’s important to be able to change the uid?

Good question! Main reason is that it allows us to ‘clone’ existing cards / tags that we already have - e.g. work ID badges, transport passes, etc.

Most existing systems will check at least the UID, with a few more also checking specific data on the tag, so if you want to use an implant in place of an existing tag, a changeable UID is a must.

Despite that, some of us just want to use our implants for contact cards or unlocking our own systems, for these these purposes any UID would work (as long as we control the systems), so not having a changeable UID isn’t the end of the world

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Thanks a lot. That helps.
I‘ve a Next, there I can change the UID afaik.

Thinking about the next one. Maybe an Df2 because of more storage and some additional use cases which I have to make a bit research for.

My thoughts are as next the Df2 or spark or something else

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So the NExT is made up of two chips, a NTAG 216 and a T5577 - only the T5577 has a changeable UID.

In terms of what you might want next: unless you are willing to do a bit of coding, the advanced features of the DESFire EV2 aren’t really exposed by anything right now - pretty much the only thing that tag writer supports is making a big NDEF application (traditional ‘storage’ for NFC).

Currently the application of the Spark is limited, but if you’re interested in the crypto side of it or want to get a taste of the vivokey ecosystem, it could be good! Have you looked into the upcoming Apex line?

As for anything else - other common implants are the xSIID, which has an LED as well, and the xM1, which is a Mifare Classic 1k 4 byte UID, with changeable UID.


Sooooo - don’t feel bad, I’m definitely planning to get an Apex! Ideally in a flex form factor or with blinkies (though the cert process for EMV could be interesting with blinkies not that Australian Banks are likely to tokenise it for me). I’m unlikely to use the emulation cause of the UID, but if I do want that feature I’ll probably look into coding an applet for it myself.

I really really want one of those, except for a few things - the size, the flexibility (if I keep the flexEM, otherwise its flexible but no longer lf :frowning:), and the cost of getting it installed (I live in Australia, and the body mod scene is dead). I’m almost looking at a custom flexMT with three blinkies and no flexEM, but that has similar cost / lack of LF issues.

So far, it sounds like a flexM1 is good idea over the xM1, Spark 2 might just be order and do not implant and the rest… well idk.

See I just check the discount prices… just getting the spark (the only xseries I ‘need’) vs getting the spark and NExT bundle is an extra $45, then an extra $34 for the xM1 or $50 for xG3 or $60 for both!!!

Then I don’t know if the xG3 / xM1 is even worth it: if I get flexM1 and I’ve got a titan coming…

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Haha, 100% first world problems.

But a dilemma to be sure :+1: :sweat_smile:

Yeah, definitely first world problem, but a problem none the less… I’m the worst at making smart decisions with money :joy:

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