XSIID Blue writing problem

With the NFC Tool i can t write the TAG

Can anyone help me



First thing, when did you get it installed?

If it hasn’t been 2 weeks ago, don’t freak out, it’s probably some swelling and blood that prevents good coupling.

Second, do you see the LED blink?
Can it be read easily? Do you have other readers maybe?


I installed the same chip 3 weeks ago and works well.
The first week only works blue led, the record chip didn’t work well. Sometimes only.
You will need time to work well, some people needs more time. Don’t worry bro

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I installed at wedensday.

I see the blue Led blinking

Reading is very good and with the iphone automation is good working, but i can t write

Reading is easier than writing usually, I guess if you try often enough it will work.
It will get much easier / will start to work once 2 weeks have passed I guess, it doesn’t seem broken or something. Also: iPhone NFC Scanning - YouTube


With the NFC Tag Info is this but the writer doesn t go

Just be patient give it 2 weeks then worry if you cant write to it. blood and swelling will be preventing proper coupling.

I have to formatting to NDEF.

Now it Works with the writing

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