xSIID green and white are now in stock!

Unless they are behind you =))


Don’t tempt me. I’ll put them through positions 1 through to 4 across my hand like the infinity gauntlet


I thought there was a guy literally doing that

I tried to tell him he probably wouldn’t be able to get all of the light up at the same time

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Hey now, I only have FOMO about stuff I want :3 you know I would have an amber one by now if I wanted one :stuck_out_tongue:


That would be sick asf

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@amal I think the default image still shows the Amber xSIID, idk if that was intentional or not. All photos when a colour is selected correctly show the white one though.

Just palm a DT reader and you’re fine.
or grab yourself a pair of induction coil powered knuckledusters for that extra bling! :laughing:

browser cache :slight_smile:


Cool, I will get myself a white one ASAP :star_struck:

Well… I was busy the past weeks, so I didn’t post pictures or the video I’ve made… :sweat_smile: But I have the whole set + one Amber SIID from Dsruptive from the time before DT started to work with them. Some pictures coming now, video later when I have the time to finish it.

Well… :laughing: I did that. (BTW I can also light them up one after another and when I turn my smartphone in this direction they light up all together)

The blue one has good company of the red xLED and looks like… :oncoming_police_car: :rofl:

Normally I wanted to do the same on my other arm too, but then came the Titan and I forgot to buy the set… Hopefully I can find still one amber colored implant to do this… :thinking:

Edit: Sadly the Amber colored xSIID is also not available anymore through Digiwell (was my last hope to get one for my right arm project…)
So I have two options now:

  1. Cutting out my second Amber SIID (knife edge) to implant it in my right arm and replace it with a different color.
  2. Hoping that there will be a option to request a custom Amber colored LED implant… (If it’s not a xSIID, a xLED would also be okay…) Still :thinking:

Now I am no longer surprised…

I’m not interested in Blinkies for myself, but yours look awesome :+1:


Out of curiosity, how easy is it to get them to read and write properly individually, being that close? Looks great by the way! Looks almost like a tattoo come to life, which I love the idea of.

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It’s easy enough that I decided to do it this way, because I have a blinky line made of 8 LED’s running down my left arm, ending in my little finger. (I’m planning of adding more LED’s to this project…still some space in between or above them) I will share a video of this within the next few days where you can exactly see how it works, but meanwhile you can imagine that the LED’s are good indicators which implant is currently reading.
Warning :
Maybe I should mention that the LED implant inside of my (really skinny) tiny finger is no xLED or xSIID not even a DT product so please, please , please nobody try to put something similar in this location!!!

For all the curious people. It’s a beta test of a so called “Cybornidas” microLED flex implant that my husband made. You can find pictures and a video of it, over at his Instagram account with the same nickname. And no, there is currently no option to buy one of these,because all the projects he is working on are still non public beta tests


Are you aware of the similar ones @paulT has prototyped and working is working with Amal?


Yes, I really like this topic! I think many people are working on similar projects in the background. He was working on it for quite some time and I have the beta version implanted since November 2019 (only a few days more and I’m celebrating the one year anniversary, and it works perfect). I’m still a little bit sad that he didn’t go a more public way last year… He has so much more that he is working on…


What happened? Not that I was around here then, but I’d love to get some glowing things :slight_smile:

Can’t wait for the video of all of your LEDs!

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What happened was nothing here in the forum so here the long story, short version: He had many ideas and prototypes for implants with LEDs or glowing stuff. The guy (a good friend) who did the sterilization for him, tried to steal his prototypes (telling him that they were destroyed during the sterilization process) and was about to sell them to a strange company. So he ended up working on such things alone, without telling someone.

(On this point, sorry for the slight derailment, but at least it was LED themed) :sweat_smile:

To get myself back to the topic, I am hoping that there will be some other xSIID colors anytime in the future. Purple would be my most wanted color then.


Wondering if you ever got around to that video?

I was also wondering what phone you had and what direction the coils of each xSIID are orientated? I love the look of all of those LEDs :heart_eyes:

Final question for now I promise: is that amber LED on your arm an xSIID or something else?

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The video is finally ready to upload.

Showing you my blink

Photo with the orientation of the antenna and LED’s also in this post with the link above.

And yes this one in the arm is the DT Amber xSIID :grinning:
In my hand I have the early Dsruptive Amber version, from the time before they worked with DT.


Which phone are you using the light up all three xSIID at once? That’s impressive!


Ah, right I forgot to say that. :sweat_smile: This is my outdoor smartphone for work (but I like to use it privately also because I’m more the survival type of woman… :cowboy_hat_face: it’s an Ulefone Armor 2s. With my husband’s Asus ROG phone II the LED flashes looks even more amazing. Good thing I can say by now it works also perfectly with other smartphones! When I’m going to cosplay events (sadly not possible during Covid19 times) people can scan most of my implants with their own smartphone - LED’s , vCard , vivokey and so on - especially their kids love seeing this. Until now the triple LED worked every time with all the different smartphone types. :laughing:
But I think it’s all about the perfect placement, a little bit closer together and it would not read separately anymore.