Xsiid green restock?

Anybody know when the Xsiid green will be back I stock?

i dont know when the offical DT website will be back in stock but if youre itching to get your hands on one, KSEC (UK Distributor of DT items) has one in stock if youd like https://cyborg.ksecsolutions.com/product/xsiid-nfc-led-implant/

Trying to order with them and it’s giving me fits


Hate to bug ya but you’d probably know best
Any timeline?
Ordering from ksec is proving difficult along with a notable price difference

Actually we are supposed to be getting modules in a week or two, then we have to line up batch manufacturing with the factory… we won’t have an ETA for that until we submit the job.

I’ve just sent another email over. I checked again and it’s being blocked by your bank so best to speak to them to find out exactly why.

Also added the link to our membership program where we offer 10% off :slight_smile:

Besides the bank issue, it’s still about 100$ more

I’ll wait for it to be restocked

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KSEC DT product prices are set at a 20% increase from DTs due to the UK tax rate.

Currency conversion wise it should be only 60$ more + free shipping. Then there is the 10% off that when signed up.

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Sigh, you win
I’ll try to get the membership setup
And I’ll try to run It thru PayPal to avoid bank issues


The deed is done,
Sucks to have to pay more because over seas and currency exchange and whatnot

But if I frame it as 60$ more and you don’t have a “pre-order” wait… I think I can live with that

Thanks for the help/goading me into it

Thats the apples, could have waited for DT to restock :sweat_smile:

No worries!

Personally I use Revlout/Starling for any non GBP currencies. PayPal has awful exchange rates … There is a trick however to force the payment to be made within the original currency. Combine this with a Revolut account and you get the best rates.

It’s been shipped earlier today for you with priority shipping as a free upgrade :slight_smile:


Kai once again proving why I love ksec and dt both companies care about the customer what a legend!


+1 :point_up_2:t4:


Lovely feedback to hear for sure! Thank you :slight_smile:


Shipping upgrade on a human upgrade chip?! Thats like, upgrade^2, upgradeception?

That’d make it like a level 17 implant, minimum! Surely that’s more power than any mere mortal can withstand!


…and I just decided to pull the trigger on a nEXT from DT,

Sigh, this robot hand of mine better be cool as shit

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If your scale of coolness is measured in shit :poop: , depending on how you look at it, you will be, either, pleasantly surprised or highly disappointed. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Great choice with the NExT also

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It’s basically a law that the first thing you write to a chip has gotta be the youtube link to Mr Roboto by Styx :wink:

This one?

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