XSIID LED not visible

This could cause all kinds of bleeding and fluid issues that might obscure the LED intermittently… definitely keep us posted!

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Well my gf just checked too, she says that she feels the previously described blood vessel flowing slightly over the coil end of the implant, so the blood vessel stayed at it’s previous location, but healed slightly over the implant. But I don’t think that it affects the performance of the LED much since it’s at the coil end of the implant.

I dunno man… that’s only a few mm distance and bodies are wiggly squishy things… if it’s that close you might very well wake up one day and it’ll be blocking the light… but 3o minutes later it’s moved enough you can see it again.

Still, keep us updated! It’s all good data to have!

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Little update nine months later.

Two months after my latest post in this thread the blood vessel healed and moved to the LED side of the implant and does not interfere at all anymore. Since then the LED has always been really bright and the chip placed itself nicely between both metacarpals. I use it regularly to manage my passwords and I can easily read it with my phone in seconds.

Happy ending and drama for nothing :sweat_smile:
I hope that this whole thread will at least be useful in the future.


How are you managing passwords?

I’ve got all my passwords as a long string which I encrypt/decrypt using AES128. I only encrypt my passwords in case I scan my chip by accident on some random reader somewhere :sweat_smile:

I can’t speak for them, but for me I use KeePassDroid on my phone, and KeePass on my PC. The database is synced with cloud storage like Google drive or onenote

To set up your implant to work with keepass there is an android app called KeePassNfc you can use. It stores only random data on the tag so no worries of someone getting your passwords by scanning your tag surreptitiously. Your password is stored encrypted on your device and needs that random data to decrypt. Once you’ve got your tag set up with KeePassNfc, you simply scan your tag on your phone and it will bring up your passwords database :blush:

That is, until the Apex comes out… :heart:


Well I actually really like having my passwords straight on the tag. That way I can access my passwords with whatever NFC reader I want and all while offline.
Not a fan of password managers in general, especially ones that sync their databases with a cloud, even if the databases are encrypted. Some people might call it “paranoia”, I call it “experience from my job” :sweat_smile:

It’s all done offline. I just sync the database file so I can access it on computer and pc. I could just as easily store my dB file locally on my phone and not use cloud storage.

Keepass itself has no internet permissions on Android for security reasons. And keypass also supports using a keyfile so even if the database file was obtained through some security breach with Google drove/dropbox/one drive, it does nothing without the key file and master password

Ahh the android app is the same as the classic desktop version of Keepass :sweat_smile: I thought it was something new, like LastPass or something. Well in that case, I might give it a try. I still prefer having the actual passwords on the chip instead of my phone, that way I don’t have to sync the Keepass dB with a cloud to access it everywhere.