xSIID no LED response or scan

Hello all,
I’m hoping that I’m just a nervous noob but here’s my situation:
4 days ago I implanted my new xSIID. It is in my left hand in the usual spot (webbing between thumb and forefinger.) The skin at the area penetrated by the needle is nearly healed. I can feel the implant in my hand. I do not get any light from the green LED with any of the devices I’ve tested in the field (ie gas pumps, redbox payment apparatus, cell chargers, cell phone, Nintendo switch) all those devices I check and get positive responses from my diagnostic card with 13.56 freq and with the little led keychain I got in my kit. But my hand does not show any response. I have also tried NFC tools and nothing happens. So, it doesn’t read and there is no LED. Is it too early??? Or should I look at buying another and going through this all over again?

I understand that its hard, but try to wait for a while, at least a week, if not a couple. The most common cause of no reads/no lights are swelling and blood pooling above the LED. The next thing is that it used to be somewhat random if the implant would come from the applicator LED-first or LED-last, so there was a higher possiblity of the LED getting implanted deeper in, thus being less visible, this seems to have been resolved in the recent lots. Also putting LF implants (xSIID is HF, so it should be safe) near wireless (qi) chargers, especially the cheap chinese knock-off ones, is a bad idea.


Ooo I didn’t know that. Thanks for the heads up. Ill stay away from the charger. I have a usb NFC reader coming in the next few days so I will hold back and keep trying to be patient. I will update with news ( hopefully good news) in the near future.

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I’m having a similar issue with my xLED, I don’t see any led response but the next and vivokey implants do work.

It has been less than a week though.

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I edited my post after checking: generally, HF implants should be safe near wireless chargers, but I would avoid it anyways. If nothing else, it could be that you get maybe an LF xLED or similar in the future, and with those, its a bit dicier. On the LF xLED there have been cases where a wireless charger that wasn’t complying with the standard has burned it out, ditto with diagnostic cards.

Also keep in mind that xSeries (the glassies, pill shaped) implants are often a bit difficult to get a good coupling with, until you find a “sweet spot” and make a habit for positioning it the right way. You could check in the smartphone NFC performance thread to look for optimal positioning with your smartphone.

For an impression on how the xSIID should look, take a look at this thread, keep in mind that a lot of these photos are taken in lower-light conditions.

Hope it turns out ok! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the info. I’ll check those out and update within a week.

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Patience my friends, just wait it out.

You will both be a part of team :bulb: Blinky :bulb: Soon enough


Position #0


Thanks. I just read that post about positions earlier. Sorry I didn’t use the proper lingo :sweat_smile: I’ll keep tryin’ to be patient. Hopefully I can provide some nice pics if/when everything’s gets working.

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Ha, No worries.

That’s the hardest bit being a Patient Patient

And / Or your own thread of course


Day +9 after self install: Upon receiving my NFC reader/writer, I am elated to report that my xSIID is fully operational. The led works, the reading and writing capabilities are good to go. Cyberpsychosis avoided. I just had the noob panic for a bit. I don’t condone anyone act as their own ripperdoc, as I did. Happy hacking.


Good news from me as well.

Screenshot of a video, apologize for the quality.

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Is that around the 2 week mark for you?

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Exactly 2 weeks today, actually. I started seeing it clearly a week ago, just didn’t get around to posting it but I thought I’d contribute.

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No probs, that’s still great, it helps give others an idea of expectations of waiting a week or more before being able to see the Blinky…We get a few people understandably concerned that their xSIIDs :xsiid_red: aren’t working, but we can link to posts like yours to help quell their fears.

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YAY!!! Love the blinky. Keep us updated how it all heals :slight_smile:

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