xSIID post-install setup instructions

Are there instructions on how to use the Dangerous NFC app to secure the xSIID chip and set a non-default password after installation? I remember reading that it’s important to do this, but I couldn’t find them on the product page, on this forum, or on the YouTube channel.

Thanks for the help!

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It’s not really important IMO.

WARNING: WRONG INFO AHEAD: AFAIK last status was dont use that app until they fixed a bug. Right?

Other NFC Apps should be able to change the password aswell. It’s not the usual set password thing tho…

But again, I find it very unlikely that you encounter someone that hates cyborgs so much that they carry a good NFC writer and lock peoples implants.

The xSIID is already sorted out at the factory during production… only our xNT inventory stock needs the Dangerous NFC app to secure it.

No that is still totally unconfirmed… still no clear idea why @anon3825968 was having issues with his chips… still tons of NTGA216s being secured with the Dangerous NFC app just fine with no issues.


Ouh sorry, I’ll fix that! Dont wanna be spreading misinformation…

No worries :slight_smile:

At the time I ran through like 35 sticker labels with it just to keep a close eye on it… no issues

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Thanks! I guess I’ll just dive right in then!

It is also possible to set a password on the XSIID with NFC Shell, if you’re familiar and comfortable using it, if you really wanted to write protect it

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