xSIID what can it do?

since in a few days I will finally receive the my first plant, xSIID, I would like to know everything that is possible to do with it?

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I plan to clone a tappy card link to mine
(If it ever gets here, super annoyed about it sitting for 11 days before even going in the mail)

Could be wrong but I’m just treating it like a ntag216 that glows

The project section of the forum will give you lots of ideas. Most of them involve opening a lock of some sort (doors, tool boxes, etc) but there was a cool Thor’s hammer trick also.

You could also look at the compatibility matrix to see what devices work with it and then come up with ideas of how to use those devices. Chip compatibility matrix - Google Sheets

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Haha, you only want to know everything
Well here is a Basic rundown

  • HF (13.56MHz)
  • ISO14443A
  • NFC Type 2 compliant
  • NTAG I2C
  • 7 byte UID
  • 2kB (1912 bytes)
  • Blinky :bulb:

All of those are clues as to what you can do with it
ie. What you can use to interact with it
Like what @Eriequiet and @Locutus said above

A good example is the NFC, which your phone will likely have, this is what NDEF ( NFC Data Exchange Format )
So you can do things like this

using something like TagWriter

The 2kB of memory split is usable, however only 1kB can be used for NDEF, are you familiar with NTAG I2C.?

As you have already bought the xSIID you will still get the full 2kB to play with, I believe in the future the new ones will only be 1kB, let me find the link from Amal…

Generally, if you go to the product page, all the information should be there, or at the least the clues.

The best idea would be to search through the forum :mag_right: and read what others have posted.
and follow their links
like this


thank you for the answers, but it is difficult for me to understand everything, since I am Italian and I speak little English, but google translator helps a lot :joy:
i tried to look for something but i can’t figure out if with xSIID it is also possible to copy nfc cards for access Example my badje for access ti work

If you need me to reword something, just ask.

Unfortunately, you cant copy UIDs to the xSIID, but if your work access is compatible, you may be able to enroll it into your work system.

If you can provide some information on your work access system we might be able to tell you if the xSIID is compatible with it.
Any Product / brand names, photos of cards/ fobs, readers etc will be helpful

finally he has arrived :heart_eyes:


Loving my green, it’s starting to glow pretty good


that’s bright! awesome!

Implant done :heart_eyes:


Awesome, looks like good aftercare so far; and in a couple of weeks you should be getting nice consistent reads and :bulb:

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Now repeat after me
“It will take some time for the the led to be visable, that’s ok, and I won’t worry”

Repeat this a bunch

And then we’ll tell you it’s fine to give it a week when you ask us if you should be worried in a week

I knew, and I still got worried


ahjahahaha no I’m not worried yet, now I just have to figure out what to do with my xSIID advice?

Like I said I plan to copy a nfc business card that links to a custom landing page
(iPhones won’t interact with ndef vCards for some stupid reason)

Can’t currently recommend tappycard as I STILL haven’t received the damn thing

I also reached out a couple times asking for just my personal url (which is really all the card is) since they were taking so long and refused to help

My Red :heart_eyes:

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red gaaaaaaaang :smiley: welcome to the club mon friendo


Ho my new friend :joy:
Butta now how can i format the my xSIID via iphone without the danger of brick?


Well it’s formatted already, but you will need to keep your NDEF data to 1k or less… otherwise it will write the NDEF record across two memory sectors and neither Android or iOS understand how to read NDEF data in sector 1 of an NTAG I2C chip (which is what the xSIID uses)

which app can i use to format memory?