Howdy! I’d like to be able to confirm that the xSLX NFC Chip would work on Konami e-amusement arcade machines connected to phaseII, but I’ve been told that it would only work with NFC-V if the UID starts with e004. Is there any way to guarantee that it would work? Or is there any NFC-F implant that exists elsewhere?

There are no guarantees. You’d have to test using educated experiment design to know for sure.

As far as I know, nobody has been able to test these types of systems. I’m not even sure what they are, their specs, or how they work. Can you provide any of this information or links to system and reader documentation?

I’ve only ever been able to get Konami e-amuse and Suica cards to work on e-amuse connected systems. In theory anything FeliCa should work (pasmo and such), but have never heard of other types of NFC cards working on it.
Can’t say I’ve tried an NFC-V chip with a UID that starts with e004 like you mentioned, but wouldn’t be surprised to learn it doesn’t work given how xenophobic the Japanese can be when it comes to tech.

I’ve tested it with my Flipper Zero, NFC-V does work with an ID that begins with e004.

Could I return a implant if test it before implanting, it doesn’t work, and I cover shipping?

I would just buy an iCode SLX card off Amazon or eBay first. The E0 byte of an iso15693 transponder is the NXP manufacturer code, and 04 is the first byte of the two byte product ID. The trailing 5 bytes are the actual serial number of the transponder, so the first 3 bytes of all ICode SLX chips will be identical.

Someone who does have one scanned it and sent me the file for me to emulate on my Flipper Zero, and it worked perfectly on all of the cabinets.

What file format did you have it sent to you?

It was a .nfc file, I believe.

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I’m guessing they scanned it with a flipper zero then sent it? Rather than converting a *.bin file?

Yeah, they scanned it themselves on theirs and sent me the file. It would be helpful if someone who has an implant instead of a generic card could send a scan of theirs to me for testing.

Im.not sure what the difference will be between a card and an implant other than the physics of reading them.
The xSLX is not a hugely popular implant so your audience is quite small.

If you dont get any response, I MAY have a solution for you, but youll just have to bear with me for a while

I made this from an incorrect order I recieved from AliExpress, it has an SLX chip, but it is more than likely what you would get in a card anyway,

Basically a FlexSLX rather than an xSLX
I am away from home (where it is) at the moment, But I can send you a scanned copy when I get back if you would like…

Would a FlexSLX and the xSLX have the same first 4 bytes? If so, knowing that and being able to test at the arcade on Friday just to be sure would be very helpful, thank you :slight_smile:

My “FlexSLX”

So this one also starts with E004, so I’d assume if I got a xSLX, it would probably also start with that? So I’d be able to use it for e-amusement :smiley:

As I mentioned, the E0 byte is the manufacturer code, so it will be the same for all NXP chips, and 04 is the first of the two byte chip product code, so every NXP ICODE SLX chip will always start with these two bytes.