Yale Conexis 1 compatibility

Please excuse my ignorance but I’ve recently had to change front doors and consequently also had to change my locks from Samsung to the Yale

I have an NXP MIFARE Ultralight chip in my hand but the Yale lock ships with NXP MIFARE Classic 1k chips.

The chip in my hand will not appear to pair with the Yale lock.

Do any of you know if there’s a way round this or am I looking at having to have a different chip implanted?
If so, which one?

Many thanks


Have the same lock and haven’t found a way yet. Haven’t spent much time looking at it though.

i have just sent @amal the yale smart lock, which i would think is the same. that one wont accept xNT or xEM either.

Testing with the Yale lock @LouSafire sent me reveals it can read the NTAG216 chip in the xNT and flexNT, but it will not support it… only 4 byte NUID chips like the Mifare Classic 1k or 4k chips work.

Thank you for looking into this and for going to the trouble of testing it.
I really appreciate it.
Are the 4 byte NUID chips like the Mifare Classic 1k or 4k chips implantable and if so can I get them through the website?

You’ll notice I’m not technical and could really do with a link to whatever it is I need to order to ensure I don’t get the wrong thing!

Warm regards


We used to sell these but no longer do… the xM1 was a Mifare Classic 1K chip, and our xM1+ was a Chinese knock off of a Mifare Classic 1K chip with a writable sector 0 (changeable NUID)

The problem is that getting the Mifare Classic 1k chip in die format is really difficult, and the sector 0 writable chips were totally unreliable… so we don’t make either anymore.