Yale YD-01-CON-NOMOD Compatibility?

Hey all.

very soon I will be the recipient of the Yale Keyless lock model YD-01 -CON-NOMOD, whether or not i can get the implant not, but I was wondering if any of the UK or European users in this forum had this lock and had any luck with having their implant recognised as a key and exactly what implant they have.

thanks all

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There appears to be an SN and PB variant of that lick model. If your lock supports RFID then chances are good it will work with the xM1 (dngr.us/xM1) but getting a read of the keyfob first with TagInfo is the best way to know for sure.


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hAHA ok ok LOCK model… jeeze

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SN and PB just denote the colours as far as im aware, satin nickel and polished brass. but the tags are cheap enough to buy (£5 for 2) that i can buy it and scan it, thanks!

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so, been a little while, hey.

Lock installed, got the fobs and all. using the NFC Tools app on Android I found out its an NXP MIFARE Classic 1K. Tag Type ISO 14443-3A

any other info any of you need I’d be willing to share.

If that’s what it’s reading then, like @amal said before, you should just be able to clone the fob onto an xM1

As @Aemun mentioned above, the xM1
is a viable option, however, generally from what we have seen, residential Door locks are understandably a little more power conservative, so I would personally sway toward one of the Flex type M1s


Here is the info about the difference between the gen1a and gen2

Just scanned the fob and grabbed this of of it

4 byte

Yes, you are in the market for


What are you waiting for??? :wink:

Pull the trigger :gun:

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Out of curiosity I scanned my eurocylinder locks’ programming card, its a Wilka E204, and it reads like yours. It’ll read MF1S50 somewhere in the product section, mine reads MF1S50xX/V1.

I’m debating if I’ll clone it since I have a fun wee package coming from @KaiCastledine sometime this week :hugs:


If you’re wanting to check these against a test card before implanting we have these available now :slight_smile: