Yet another advice on my chosen implant location thread

Where on earth are you sailing tall ships nowadays?

Go a taste for it in Australia and there is the Maritime Museum of San Diego and the Las Angeles Maritime Institute both have volunteering opportunities on there tall ships and are reasonably close to me.

Ok thats cool, I’d totally do that as well.

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in the green mark you will never be able to practice any martial art or punch someone’s car to defend yourself from aggression as it will hurt the inside of your hand and you risk the chip having displacement and inflammation problems.
In short, if you hit too hard you will have to remove it.

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Relay you think punching would be an issue? I box (and I am a big guys so I have some power) so that would be a concern but usually in wraps and gloves so not sure if it would impact me much. Anyone had any issues with this placement and sports involving punching?

Lastly, if I don’t fight like that as a hobby, and it was in self defense, that is a risk you just have to take. Would you rather fight back, or get whooped just taking it?

Edit to leave in what I didn’t misunderstand.

I do not strike with the top of my hand, any angle of punch that would result in a direct hit to the chip would also 100% cause me to break my wrist and again I have hand wraps under boxing gloves.

But yeah if it was self defense a issue with the chip would be the last thing on my mind frankly.

I dunno about punching, but backhanded pimp-slapping would be out for sure. I suspect that’s not a deal breaker for most, but just sayin’…


Interesting defence :oncoming_automobile:

I box, and have had Zero issues, with our without wraps, with or without gloves. :boxing_glove:
Even during a wrist lock you can have a thumb placed directly on the ( NExT & Spark in my case) and it wasn’t even noticed by the other person and I didn’t even feel or think about it.

Anyway, that is my opinion and actual experiences


What positions do you have implants in @Pilgrimsmaster? This seems like a post that belongs in the notable discussions on my wiki :smiley: and that info would really help

In that case I move that we all adopt this form of slapping our enemy’s

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Oh man. NEVER forget the safe word. Though, to be fair, it was a horrible safe word haha.

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I’m not too sure about that… I’ve got chips in that position and nearby as well and I punch a lot of things. Tissue is much stronger and elastic than the inertia of such a low-mass object as a chip implant.

We have lots of boxers and martial artists have no issues with chips in multiple locations in the hand.

haha not that either. I have legitimately smashed a hammer straight down on my 2005 OG xEM implant… twice… as long as the chip is not caught between bone and the external blunt force, it should be just fine.


you heard it folks, pimp slapping is 100% in and approved!


Yes and thank you very much for the answer.
I study the places where the chip may or may not be implanted because I practice boxing, judo, jiujitsu and muai thai. So I know that to punch or guard and defend myself from punches on the spot with the see tag would not break the chip but rather hurt my hand and certainly displace and generate some problem.
I have xNT only in my left hand at the location indicated initially, which would be the blue mark. and I don’t think of putting it in the place that’s marked purple because it would be where boxing fighters close their guards to protect themselves from their opponent’s punches