You can't hurt me, I have really thick skin 🥲

So I had an epiphany tonight.

I got an xNT at Defcon 27 a few years ago and it ended up fine overall, but the procedure was kinda brutal. The installer really struggled to get the needle in. They were pressing pretty close to as hard as they could. I was entirely limp too! (Totally wasn’t their fault, we’re getting to it!) When it did pop through the chip got placed a little deep for my liking, but it still works today, so wasn’t a huge deal.

Tonight I was reading up on how to help clear up ny skin, I have keratosis pilaris, basically small bumbs on my arms. Not harmful, but not aesthetically great.

That’s when I saw that it’s caused by an excess of keratin in the skin!!! Ive always healed great. I was pretty close to fully healed 2 days after my Titan was installed, and that’s with a taser knife fight the night after the install! I just had never put two and two together.

It might be worth it to consider asking about both that as other skin related connective tissue diseases that might end up affecting the result.


Absolutely! There is another skin issue I’ve run into before while installing that is almost the opposite. The skin is extremely thin and puts up no resistance. Placement must be done carefully. Of course they let me know right away about their condition, but it is a good idea to standardize a line of questions we can suggest installers ask.



Runs in my dad’s side, have it all over my upper arms. I also tend to heal really fast as well.

I’ve got some connective tissue issues as well, which makes my skin extremely loose and tent-able.

Makes for a pretty smooth implant process overall :slight_smile:




Taser knife fight?!

What’s that? I’m hypothesising some sort of rubber but electrified knives to fight with(?).

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I too have questions…this seems dangerous and fun lol

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Who brought a taser to a knife fight?

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I’ve got to say, after a few beers I’d definitely be up for a stupid game of rubber taser knives :smile:

In fact…

…balls! Turns out it’s already been done. :disappointed: I had images of me making my millions with that idea for a second then.


It’s a yearly grindfest thing. Rubber training knives and boost converters from tasers! I made my own last year out of a rubber training kukri. It’s a hell of a lot of fun