Youngest to get implant

I think and hope that I am the world’s youngest to get a nfc implant into my right hand at the age of 15!!


I only heard from an other 15 year old boy.

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Welp, It’s been nice knowing you everyone. I can now formally announce, reading the comment section on that article gave me cancer.

Dunning-Kruger Effect in full force.

Congrats to @STARLORD though, cheers!
I remember doing a two point suspension for the first time when I was 15, and scouring the old BME-forums to see if I could find evidence of me being the youngest person to do one. I was similarly buzzkilled when someone broke it to me that many civilizations have been hanging kids way younger than me up from meat hooks since the beginning of time! Who knew?!

I’ve reached my gallows humour quota for the month in this post alone, sheesh.


It’s worth making it clear that you need to make sure anyone assisting you with this at a younger age is within the law for doing so.

I know a lot of bodymod places for example are 18+ to make sure they conform to UK laws and standards. Don’t want something silly like someones folks to freak out and to bring on a lawsuit.

Without a doubt, yes. I did it myself so there shouldn’t be much of an issue with that legally. At least in the US (don’t know about OP) most places want you to be 18 or have parental consent which OP could have obtained.

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I got it with 15y and 4 months… now i am 15 years and 5 months old

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I will get a implant on November 1 or 2 I am 13 years old

So you got the money without a gofundme?


Trick question, you’re not meant to be replying if I remember correctly.

But also, i mean money to buy it - the whole gofundme you started.

Who the hell do you think will install anything in a 13 year old?


I thought the exact same thing when i saw him in here XD

Side Note: This post is 2 years old, probably best to leave it be


@ODaily he’s short-circuiting


i didn’t believe you when you said the comment section was cancer, so i checked out and goddamn the comments on the article gave me hepatitis a thru z


Yeah when I saw the top rated comment was
“Just wait until the technology is abused, and it will be, where your every move is monitored and you can’t buy or sell without being micro-chipped.”
I don’t know why I expected any less.


Ligit any talk of implant tech gets the worst comment section. I have seen it on news sites, youtube, ect.
The crazy Christians (not political or against them but they are the ones who think it is the mark of the beast) smell it and rush to the comment sections.


Hi my name is Hector if you want to check my introduction the link will be below.

you go hector

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What do you mean about go Hector.

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Hey, Hector! “You go” is a figure of speech that is often meant to be encouraging or to say “congratulations”. If you still don’t understand the phrase, let me know and I’ll try to explain it better.


i love this language