Yubikey Access?

Hi all,

I’ve only just stumbled upon the wonder of Yubico, and their YubiKey NFC devices which I’ve rapidly grown to love

I was wondering if it’s possible/how one could possibly go about cloning a YubiKey onto an installed chip in my hand?. I’ve got a spark 2 and xNT in my hand currently (looking to swap out the xNT for a NExT)

would be pretty lovely to clone the YubiKey to my hand, and then just use the key without having to worry about where I left it/forgetting it somewhere

any help/guidance is appreciated :slight_smile:

Not possible.
You need to wait for the VivoKey Apex and install an applet that does this yubikey stuff. (I was just informed it’s unlikely we get a real yubiley applet anytime soon, but you can probably do the exact same with the Apex then.)

Welp, that sucks. Bring on the Apex :pray:t2:

If I was to install an Apex, would it be worthwhile to swap out my Spark 2 for it?

No if you already have a spark, use it as backup for the slim chance of the apex failing.


General consensus is that if you already have a spark implanted add the Apex as a backup method of accessing your Vivokey identity in case anything happens to the Apex.