ZINC The Cyborg Dashboard is live!

I believe this deserves a new thread since the old one was more about tech questions, beta testing and prototyping.

Anyway it’s public now:

An all-in-one for biomagnets, NFC and other implantables. A platform for experimenting and hopefully a tool that’s more catered to this community than the generic stuff out there.

What’s in it so far? A cool implant manager where you can add, manage and test your upgrades. Including standardized biomagnet tests to finally get some numbers! A haptic lab to experiment with a Lodestone and your magnets. A power scan that will make your LED nfc chips shine bright and continuously. And a fresh, user friendly aproach to the standard nfc tools.

This is where you will find all the information, ressources, wiki and documentation about ZINC:

It’s been a year long endeavor now and I’m ready to keep going! It’s been an awesome experience so far and through it I got to know a bunch of cool people. I also learned a whole lot tech wise, about NFC mostly.
Thanks to everyone involved for the motivation to go through with it :green_heart:

**About open sourcing**

The question has be asked multiple times on discord and there are good arguments for it so: Yes, at some point it will be open source, When? I dunno. There’s a bunch of cleanup and github magic I need to do before it happens. Sometime this year is my best guess.

**About modding and data**

No data is collected by the app, none at all. The use of accounts and authentification methods is completely optional and only used for features that require it (ie. encrypting and decrypting NDEF records with said authentication methods).
All personal and relevant data is stored in the app’s data folder as human-readable JSON. This is to give anyone the opportunity to backup, import or modify it. Effectively you could “mod” the app or automate tasks with external tools that are given access to said files.
Again the documentation is as detailed as can be and it’s all in the WIKI!

**About the pricing and disclaimers:**

To be clear it is paid and will remain like that. While Patreon has helped a lot to finance the Lodestones, a year of development also has costs and future development also will.
If you’re unsure about getting it and what it does, there is a WIKI that describes every feature of the app in excruciating detail so you can be 100% clear on what you’re buying!

The in-app purchases are esthetic, themes. You can make your own theme (see the wiki) but these are made by me and have a background image. Nothing special just a way for people to donate and get a little something back. In fact I have given @amal a bunch of codes for the DT theme for him do distribute as he wishes and the Patreons have been getting themes as well.

As said above it’s very much in development, things will evolve and new features will hopefully come. No promises though, this is a hobby project and I will be working on it on and off indefinitely.


I’m still just a teenager interested in this topic, but if I ever get an implant chip (which I’ll probably do in the future), and for those who already have one, this is a great app, I just didn’t buy it cuz I don’t need it

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Playing around with it now. It seems very well designed and looks like it will expand into a lot of interesting areas!