125Khz with "clone protect" flag?

Thanks for all, I made it !! I have a cloned working fob !!! I also saved the two data files (by the way… why 2 files if only the .bin is used for restoring?)


Only speed. The Iceman firmware builds pretty quick from what I remember. But we need something to make us feel good about that 32 core Threadripper we bought on Black Friday


Hi, I thought I had it made, in fact I could clone the fob that I had previously wiped by making random stupid things with the flipper, With the PM3 I could revive it by using the Dump / Restore function … so I was trusty and I ordered these fobs on Amazon…

HFeng 125 KHz T5577 / EM4305 - Portachiavi con scritta RFID NFC con etichette token di prossimità ID di controllo di accesso, chiave per sistema di ingresso di sicurezza, colore blu (10) : Amazon.it: Fai da te

There is no way even to detect the chip set, it I tyoe “lf t55xx detect”, the PM3 says it cannot detect the modulation automaticvally, it keeps saying it can’t do it even if I manually config it for ASK or FSK… and yet they are sold as t5577 fobs, should I return them to Amazon or is there a way to make them work with the PM3?

I think the problem is right in the product title. Amazon, like eBay, has been inundated with crap Chinese sellers that post inaccurate stuff in their product listings just to get search hits. The title for this product says “125 KHz T5577 / EM4305” right in the title… those are two entirely different chips… chances are you got the EM4305 not the T5577.