2 Implants in webbing of hand?

Has anyone implanted 2 implants into the webbing of their hand? I’m planning to implant a xSIID right next to my xEM like this


i’ve got 3 sharing that space in each hand, as long as they’re at least 5-10mm apart you shouldn’t have issues with them knocking into each other especially after they get encapsulated by your body.

having a Low frequency (xem) and a High frequency (xsiid) in close proximity to each other will cause no problems with interference of signals



I recognize that kind of homework :sweat_smile:
Isn’t there a NeXT with an LED that might come out soon? That might be simpler. It’s ok to have both though, just double the needles


My implants :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


You mean




You have all the answers you need above, nothing much I can add, except I "made my own “xMagic” before they existed as a 2in1 " and they shared PO with an xM1 and and xEM and I never had any issues
I had a Spark there and moved it, to make space for those 2.
Which I subsequently moved to make way for an actual xMagic.

If you wanted to go for 3, you could probably only realistically go for an xLED and since you have an xSIID, an LF xLED might be an option

You could probably put them closer together than your picture ( as mentioned >= 5mm ) but remeber to corral them, by placing a chuppa chup stick between them and tape it down whilst the new one encapsulates.

You picture almost looks closer to a P0 and P1


im sure there is a thread somewhere if i search…

How far off are the variances betwene the XbT and beUno?

I will make pictures when I’m at home. I will rwad both xBTs and my BeUno

Is this the one you are thinking of

Or this post?

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Do you have any posted photos of the 3 implants together in that position?
I got a pair of xleds blue and red and was thinking to install them close to my xsiid in left P0 and my xmagic in right P0. Would be cool to have 3 shinning leds in my left too though :red_circle::green_circle::large_blue_circle::thinking:

Thoughts on my future implant placement? Currently have the xEM implanted,

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Just scanned all three chips


I think that is the most tidy hand-drawn implant layout plan I’ve ever seen.

It looks good to me, however I would have one possible suggestion for you.

rather than approaching from your knuckles, which will potentially cause you to poke too far and hit the xEM, because when you insert the needle, you need to go past the point where you want it to have it’s forever home, then withdraw slightly as you push the plunger and continue to withdraw. (does that make sense?)

Scale 1:?

However, if you approach from the wrist end (which is quite common for professional installers anyway) You can ensure that the needle will not go anywhere near the xEM so long as you tent your skin properly in front of it, and when the wound starts to heal the implant will naturally be pushed back towards the point of entry, which is why you want to go slightly past where you want it to end up.

Scale 1:?

:orange_circle: as the ~ point of entry

Your original plan may still work, but you might just need to shift the location of the point of entry closer to your knuckles slightly.

There’s just more two cents in how I would probably do it. There may be others with other opinions.

Keep us updated and ask more questions of you have them

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:blinky_blue: etc

you’ll probably be interested in this


I think that’s a good idea but migration would be hard to control… maybe if you built a healing splint to hold things apart, it would be ok


Yeah omg thanks for the advice, yes it’s 1:1 as I drawn the xEM first around the implant and since I’m self implanting I think it would be easier if I enter from the front


my bad
I meant my shitty picture with the syringe.

It looks like it went well :+1: