5G microchipping conspiracy debunk - HELP

Hi guys,
I’m working on a article debunking the 5G vaccine microchipping conspiracy. Even though we all know conspiracy believers are rarely if ever persuaded by logical arguments, considering the topic’s importance I still wanna do my best to try.
So, my question to you experts is:

  • if I was the theoretical Bill Gates wanting to execute this evil mass microchipping project, what are my chances? How big is the smallest RFID chip? Is a normal place for a vaccine injection a good spot to have a chip inserted and would it be able to communicate with 5G antennae that are meters away? What is the craziest thing such a secret chip could do today except store my identity information? Is it possible to not physically notice a chip during or after an injection? How does 5G help me (as opposed to 4G that’s already there)?
    I challenge you to come up with the best plan using actually existing technology. Do your worst :smiling_imp:
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Forget RFID chips, they are of little use floating around the body… you have to be worried about Borg nanobots.

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Hey, welcome to the forum :grinning:

It cannot be destroyed, it can only contained

Unfortunately a lot of your technical questions require an understanding of electricity and magnetism that most people don’t have or want. I think more than understanding the chip technologies that exist (which won’t do any of those things) you should focus on the issues that are causing this mistrust of authority. Debunking the idea that someone somewhere is profiting off of the vaccine and imaginary microchips is potentially more valuable than debunking the tech, because all you’ll get in response to technical specs is “the government has the best tech you’ve never heard of”.


If they think they have been infected with rfid chips, they can now buy my patented rfid chip removal system!


Rather than full answers, I will try and give you some starting points and let you carry on with the research.

Hmmm, good luck with that,
the 5G vaccine microchipping conspiracy. stupidity would be more accurate
Long story short, It simply isn’t possible.

At least you are aware

Tiny ( Read Nano ), but the problem comes down to the antenna size.
The frequencies we normally deal in are far removed from cellular frequencies, therefore antenna sizes.
the chips would need to be made Bio-compatiable, which will add size / mass / volume to it.

We normally deal with 125kHz to 13.56MHz
Most cellular is from 700MHz - 2500MHz -ish

I have never bothered to look at what “they” think 5G is capable of doing to them (Controlling? , Tracking?)

Controlling is simply ridiculous

“Trackng”, see below

Not really, a vaccination is normally Intra-muscular ie, deeper ,
Our implants are Subcutaneous. ie, Shallow

Then it wouldn’t be a secret :zipper_mouth_face: :wink:

It would of course depend on the chip, but I would say theoretically, yes, though unlikely.
Nanochips are called Nano for a reason…

Biggest reason, is speed, so you can track people faster :wink:

So THEORETICALLY, If I actually wanted to come up with a quick, cheap and “easy” off the shelf, conspiracy level believable, quantifiable possibility of an actual potential capability I would suggest something along the lines of:-

“Tracking”, you could buy some off the shelf RAIN UHF chips, which are actually in the low cellular frequency ranges ?850-950MHz? which is in the same range as 2G ( Maybe that is why they are phasing it out, so they can dedicate the bandwidth to tracking citizens ) , again I’m guessing the specs here, but the chips are around ~1mm x ~1mm x ~0.5mm, Reading range, I have no idea, it would depend on the output power of the reader, but the range of a handheld reader would be around 10mm.
A cell tower would output a lot more power, but I would have no idea of actual figures for expected ranges. So I would do what other conspiracists do, and make these up.

If I was a conspiracy theorist, I would put all of the above into a “document” and start spinning that in the forums for the gullible, along with buzz words like global government, echelons of telcos, and include spec sheets, and some images…And let the gullible idiots come knocking


Pretty sure I saw these actual UHF chips on SparkFun when I was looking for something else sane…:crazy_face:
I thought I would save you some “Googling”

Here the actual specs ( I was pretty close )

1-1. Compliant with ISO18000-63 and EPC global Gen2(v2)
1-2. Ultra small package (1.25 x 1.25 x 0.55mm )
1-3. Supports wide frequency range from 865MHz to 928MHz, allowing to cover all globally relevant UHF
frequency bands

OH, and don’t get me started on surveillance drones :honeybee: :wink:

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The mistake is you think it is the bees


You must be in the US. Only in the US is an article to debunk a link between 5G and microchipping / COVID-19 / vaccine / whatever needed. The rest of the world simply think it’s fucking stupid in 10 milliseconds flat, because all it takes to realize that is common sense and elementary grade notions of physics.

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I wish… people be burning cell towers in EU too.


Thanks everyone for chipping in)

I knew this was the best place to ask for smart and fun input

Lol)) I will make sure to make this my main debunking point

You’re right, I know that. But I have this assignment and I want to at least try to get through to someone. Most articles I see in the media are along the lines of “this is complete bullshit” without much explaining at all, which I don’t think does anything else but increase the divide

Wow. Thanks so much for the brilliantly detailed answer!
I have an extra question - I know the government/reptiles/etc have unlimited amounts of money but still - how much does such a nanochip cost? Just wanna estimate the expense.
Cause you know why chip if all you can do is barely track us and you would have to spend a ton of money to do so at scale - when you have everyone’s social media accounts and mobile phones in the palm of your hand already. (If we don’t believe in ethics/government/regulation at all, that is)

Unfortunately no. I’m in Eastern Europe and conspiracies are very much near majority opinion here. In the country I live in atm - Bulgaria - 42% believe the coronavirus is man made and 22% believe in the whole microchipping-vaccine-5G bull

And, sorry for the stupid question, but what’s the relation between frequency and chip size - or there is none? Cause you mentioned antenna size. Does lower frequency mean you can have tiny antennae or the one has nothing to do with the other and the frequencies RFID chips use were just available for licensing at the time?

RFID implants do not have a battery, they only receive power from the magnetic field the reader is putting out. The lower the communication frequency, the larger the antenna coil will need to be. This has to do with the tags resonating at the specific frequency.

As you know, big things are harder to move than small things. The same applies for resonant circuits. Smaller coils (Inductance) can be vibrated at higher frequencies (13.56MHz). Larger coils resist the change, so they can only be vibrated at lower frequencies (125kHz). There could never be a coil small enough to resonate in a controlled fashion at 24GHz (the frequency range the tin foil hat people are afraid of) because the air and plastics and bits of metal in the environment would have a huge impact on the tuning (parasitic elements).

Physics is not on their side.

I see. Thank you!
And what approximate coil sizes are we talking for the 13,56MHz and 125kHz frequencies you named?
I did ace physics back in the day but electromagnetism for some reason was the only exam I had to retake twice till I got it right :woman_facepalming:t2:

That is a good Initiative, actually. (Despite the fact that the more people trying to debunk it, the more the paranoid will see that as “proof” that they are correct).
But still can be useful for people who are just gullible and with a paranoid acquaintance, but not paranoid themselves.

I think the main reason why people think of microchipping as they do, is because they do not understand the technology behind it.

They think “A Cellphone has microchips, so an implanted microchip could do anything a cellphone can do”

So debunking this might be a decent avenue of success.

Maybe start by stating what a microchip without a battery can and cannot do. And why we still do not have battery solutions that can be implanted.

Then evolve to the fact that even if they microchip you, in order to activate anything, they would need to basically restrain you and scan you up close, to the point where any advantages of using a “magical microchip” are wasted.

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You know what you did…

Depends, just take a look at the DT store, you’ll find from 7mm or so up to 4cm, debit cards are even bigger. There sure is a physical limit in both directions… I bet it cant be smaller than the wavelength :smiley:

Yeah exactly. I’d rather see a different approach, showing how people are actually tracked. Some keywords.

  • Cellular data, ofc
  • WiF/bluetooth etc, e.g. Oracle is big tracking WiFI enabled devices, down to “ouuh this is the second time XYZ halted infront of the leather jackets…”
  • Cameras, biometrics are perfect for tracking. Not only face recognition, but even how you move
  • Scraping social media
  • Ads! The root of all evil.
  • The one obvious thing I missed but wont remember in time :slight_smile:

That is also a very solid approach!

Although I can also see paranoids using that as “more proof that ‘the man’ is trying everything to track us!” :confused: