5G microchipping conspiracy debunk - HELP

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Ha-ha. Chill guys, I really am writing, actually not an article but an animated explainer video. And believe it or not, I’m not a conspiracy wacko but someone who’s actually trying her best to make a good argument. The choice of topic wasn’t mine and tbh wouldn’t have been my first choice - my editor wants me to make 5 really short (about 1.5 min) explainer videos debunking 5G myths. I personally think this is as unthankful an assignment as there can be - the time limit is WAY too short and as I’ve already said unfortunately I don’t believe logic is very effective in persuading conspiracy theorists anyway. BUT this being said I do want to try to do something meaningful and a lot of articles out there just deal with rebuking 5G myths in the manner “5G causes coronavirus - well, it’s really stupid to think that - next myth” which I don’t think does anything positive at all. So I’m trying to come up with something short and memorable that could make people at least question the logic behind the conspiracies and start to look for more information in the right direction.


Of course all I said above could also be an outright lie and I am just fishing for good data to build the most elaborate and intricate conspiracy theory that exists. :smiling_imp:


Cool. What else would you like to know?

Thanks, I think I’m fine for now. Maybe more questions will arise as I’m writing but for now the info I’ve got from you guys that I think will build on is:

  • implantable chips are passive and can only store information or link you to a database with info about you. That’s all. No tracking, no mind control. You would need battery for tracking and that would make such a chip unfeasible (too big, battery needs to be recharged) for secret injection. Basically main takeaway: implantable chips do not equal chips that are in cell phones or computers. It’s a whole other, much more primitive and limited thing.
  • RFID chips are really close range, they need to be scanned by a reader that’s at best 10-15 cm away, if not directly next to the skin, in order to work
  • they work at WAY lower frequencies than any cellular, let alone 5G. If they would work at higher frequencies that would require a chip size of several centimetres, casing included (is this correct?) because of the correlation between frequency and antenna size.
  • even though the chips themselves may be cheap, the cost of the whole operation (fake vaccine production, worldwide distribution and administration of it, etc) is massive - what’s the point of that if people already have a tracking device in their pocket that they’ve paid hundreds of dollars for themselves
  • 5G has nothing to do with it - you could track anyone’s cellphone for years now, using 3G and 4G. And don’t let me started on all the personal info people voluntarily share and consent to make available for all kinds of ungodly uses on social media
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For a sense of the distance from a portable reader, maybe have a peek in the blinkie thread to see how close the readers need to be to trigger the implanted LEDs.

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Hey awesome, I just thought I would ask. No judging either way.

I hope you can reach your target audience.

I doubt this. There are far better sites for this. They tend to hang out with like minded people.

Edit to add:

You could always get a chip as a proof concept. First hand knowledge!

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…Just what a conspiracy wacko would say

Lol, I look forward to the article


have we linked her to that thread? i think a lot of people put good points in it as to why the concept of 5g and rfid chips had no possible interaction. (if she is willing to sift through the crazy XD)

also still amazed he came to us, for help… in a plan to destroy us…

That’s actually the reverse, higher frequency technology is smaller because it’s shorter wavelength. Tech savvy crazies have pointed this out to me before, but when you know more about how RFID tech works you realize it’s nonsensical.

I wouldn’t get into the weeds on this in a video that was an hour long, nevermind 90 seconds. The important thing is really that batteries are big, and all the implants that don’t use batteries use magnetic fields to power/communicate, not electric fields like WiFi and 5G cellular. The term antenna is used interchangeably, but they’re completely different for those two things. People can think about how close magnets have to be to things to interact with them in a tactile way really easily. Just use that example.

Thanks. Interesting. Yet I’m confused. Sorry but I’ll come at you with some stupid questions:

  • aren’t all EM frequencies the same type of waves just divided over a spectrum based on frequency/wavelength? What do you mean by difference between “electric” and “magnetic”?
  • pilgrimsmaster said chips use way lower frequencies but could still use i.e 2G frequencies - how do these two statements go together?

That’s because it’s confusing :laughing: it’s difficult to explain the difference between electricity and magnetism, because they’re two sides of the same coin. This is what I meant earlier when I said:

But I’ll try and explain for you since you seem interested in the topic. This is some advanced stuff so don’t assume my word is law, but I’ll try and break it down.

When I want to send a signal to you I have to run electricity through a wire, regardless of whether you’re receiving that signal with an RFID implant or a cell phone. The difference is that when I send a signal to your implant, I run electricity through a little coil that creates a magnetic field in a very small area, and this loops back (doesn’t get cast off into space). When I send a signal to your cell phone, I run electricity through a short segment of wire that just sticks out, and it doesn’t come back it gets cast out into space as an electric field.

magnetic field = higher power, shorter distance
electric field = lower power, longer distance


There are a lot of variables that go into antennas and radio in general like how antenna length is often a fraction of the wavelength. But that starts getting a bit complicated. Here is an easy way to remember this. The antenna size is determined by the wavelength of the frequency. An easy way to calculate wavelength is to take 300 and divide by the frequency.

Pretty much what @Satur9 said. As an analogy you could say a RFID implant is more like an air core transformer than a radio. In fact the same principle is used for wirelessly charging a phone or toothbrush. You dont see phones being charged from meters away just by plugging in a wireless charger.


/me pulls up a chair to learn too


Just to clarify for you, my statement was in response to your challenge

The chips I suggested are in the UHF band, and those chips are used normally for inventory “tracking”.
The ones WE use are far from those frequencies, We use Low Freq. and High Freq, the “tracking” chips are Ultra High Freq. )


The UHF band is broad, but the UHF RFID bands are 433 MHz and 860–960 MHz , are used for RFID applications.
Those specific frequencies are also used in Cellular technology.

Does that make sense?

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I want you to know you made me watch the ending of The Princess Bride again to relish that bit.


I don’t see it as “people are getting more stupid”…
The way I see it, people (as masses) are just as stupid as they’d always been. (which is a lot).
The feeling that “people are getting more and more gullible” or similar stuff is actually a byproduct of you, the expectator, waking up from a bubble where mankind is anything special. :yum:

I mean… we are a herd animal afterall…

Could be. Still I would rather get the right data out and let Sheeple be Sheeple than omit something (which can actually be used even strongly as an argument than anything else you could say).

Pretty much in line with this:


Sounds solid! :grin:

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Yes, it does, thank you! I also find the parallel with magnets very useful, a simple and understandable comparison. I also have a friend who has a physics PhD so I’ll ask him to explain me exactly what you mean so that I make sure I understand before I oversimplify for the script.

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