6 in 1 CUID fob

Anybody any experience with this kind of fob?

How do you write to it?

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They do these in different versions, I got the 3 x T5577 + 3 x UID

UID is basically Chinese speak for a Mifare Classic 1k gen1a

So you can write to it with a Proxmark3, Flipper Zero, iCopy etc.

If it was a CUID rather than UID, you could use MCT

What tools do you have available to you?

If you have the ability to enroll rather than copy, you could just enroll it into the system you have acces to…


Both proxmark3 and flipper zero.
Do you just have to press a button and write to it? Or is it more complicated.

you hold the button down and write to it.

the chips are on the buttons and by holding it down you attach the chip to antenna allowing it to be discovered by your device


Wow, what a simpele yet smart idea. Going to order one just to experiment with it. Thanks for the help!

Basically Press button, make that chip “active”

That should be in the review link I sent you.

heres the quote from review

Already answered


Oh, I thought you already had ordered it.

You thread title says CUID ( gen2)
Your initial post image says UID (gen1a)

Which are you going for?

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as a well seasoned nerd i can just say these things are awesome. the durability of these things is good i’ve not had a failure yet


Thanks for the help.

I’ve bought the 3x LF 3x HF fob.

It doesn’t really explains if it’s gen2 or gen1a. It’s the one from the picture. So that will probably be gen1a.
It’s sometimes difficult to find the info you need on Aliexpress.

Btw Pilgrimsmaster love all your reviews! They’ve been very helpfull to me when i just started in this jungle.


Thanks, that’s great to hear.

I think I have 2x
One is a 6x ntag
One is a 6x t5577

Interesting but I never came up with a use case

We sell these, in 3x Gen 2 + 3x T5577. I referr to them as the blue fob on steroids . Pretty compact.


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