(*****) RFID Multiple Keyfob 6 in 1

RFID Multiple Keyfob 6 in 1

This will be a short review, because it is almost like simply reviewing an access card.

I have seen these for a while, and thought how awesome one of these would be IF they could be implanted. (they obviously cant, but it would be awesome)

I dont REALLY have a use for this, BUT It may come in handy for some testing…time will tell

On this specific 6 button version, You have 3 options

  • 6 x T5577
  • 6 X UID (Mifare Classic 1k gen1a)
  • 3 x T5577 3X UID

I chose the 3 x T5577 3X UID option

If you are curious how it works, it is a very simple but effective design, and “a picture paints a thousand words”

Quick explanation if you are unsure:-
1 x LF antenna
1 x HF antenna
1 x Momentary button for each chip

  • Press button, and that chip connects to the appropriate antenna and can be read

The PM3 would be the “normal” universal Reading distance measuriserer, but I chose to use the Flipper


T5577 =30mm

IC =30mm

I’ve chucked mine in my Bag o' Bits

• Small/ very portable

• Robust

• 6 “card” buttons

• Very good range

• Very capable

  • multiple options to choose from

  • “Does what it says on the tin”


  • Cannot be implanted :wink:

  • Ugly design

  • Not super ergonomic to use (still useable)

I have considered getting a 6x UID option and removing upto 5 of the UUD Chips and replacing with 5 different HF chips (Or 2 of the 3 on the 3x3 version)
I would need to do a further breakdown to see the trace below the current chips to know if it is (easily) possible,

~ USD$8

Cheap, small, lightweight, robust, multipurpose, does exactly what it says and as you would expect of it


LINK to purchase

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I picked one of these up a while ago, interesting

Not terrible, I just don’t know if have any use for it lol

The push button is an interesting anti sniffing possibility



I got a similar one off eBay. Again, lots of different configurations available (4x UID, 4x T5577, 2x UID 2x T5577, 1x UID 3x T55777). I work at one place so have an implant in my hand for access there but I also get given RFID tags by several clients to be able to access their sites. This meant I put these on separate buttons so only have to carry one fob rather than four. It also prevents me presenting the wrong fob to the reader as I used to just dangle my set of keys in front of the reader until it would read the right fob and allow me access. One of the sites has a timed lockout where no further reading would occur after so many wrong swipes.

I find it handy but I can’t imagine there’s lots of people with a use case. Also, before you ask, no I couldn’t/wouldn’t get the other sites to enrol my implant onto their system and one of the sites uses PAC so not universally viable anyway.