A couple of questions

I have a couple of questions that are worrying me.
First of, i would like to buy 1 chip and be sure i can keep it for quite some time without having to switch it for a bigger one or some other medical DIY nightmare. Would the NExT be that chip?
Second, it mimics student IDs, transit cards etc. But, the way i see it, it can also work as a credit card, is this correct? Are there any widespread card or tag types that can’t be put on it?
And lastly, are there any accessories that i should buy with it? I intend to program it with my phone so i dont intend to buy anything else really. For the future though, does anyone know any good ways to set it up for unlocking your PC? I think that would be one of the best ways to use it.
Thanks in advance for the help

Hey @NikP welcome to the forums!

Someone will come along with more details shortly I’m sure, but I just wanted to clear up some initial things.

This is not correct. Credit cards have very advanced chips that can handle cryptography like the one contained in the upcoming Apex implant. The NExT has 2 chips: a HF NTAG216 and a LF T5577

Another major tag type that is not supported by the NExT is MIFARE Classic, which is very popular and is supported by the xM1. Just a heads up

The phone is more than adequate for the HF side of the NExT, but if you want to clone LF access control credentials onto the LF side you’ll likely need a Proxmark 3, which is available on the DT store and from a variety of retailers


I guess that will be me for now, Satur9 pretty much answered most of your questions anyway.
The little bit extras

Very good choice, for both the actual physical life and usability.
A 2in1 implant covering Both High and Low Frequency
The HF side can do most things most people want with an HF implant
The LF side can Emulate most LF chips.

For the HF side

Grab a KBR1

For the LF side

xEM Access controller, which is a great launching pad for many projects

Although I agree, you may also find a “Blue Cloner” MAY be enough for you, but you will need to start looking at your use cases

I think Satur9 answered the rest for you, but come on back if / when you have any further questions…


I know Satur9 and Pilgrim have done a wonderful job, but just wanted to point out that we often recommend things by their usecase, especially if you have an existing system you want to use it with.

I also wanted to point out that there are bigger implants, including the wedge / butterfly ones (flexM1, flexDF2, Apex flex), which can be installed with a 5mm needle or scalpel and dermal elevator. Since you mentioned switching for a bigger one, I would seriously consider looking at what sort of expectations / range you have in mind. xSeries (e.g. the NExT) are not great at being read by most things.

Finally, it was briefly touched upon earlier, but there is an implant line called the Vivokey Apex coming out soon which you might want to keep an eye on. Apart from having the hardware ability to function like a contactless payment card (needs approval from Mastcard / Visa / Ammex and banks, which has not happened yet), it is also much more advanced than any other current RFID implant. Without getting too technical, it runs small programs called applets, which allows it do potentially do a lot of different things. For more information check out https://www.vivokey.com/apex

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Thank you for the advice, but im sure i’ll use the NExT. I really dont want to put in a “patch” shaped chip. I live in Slovenia, and the closest associates that could perform the surgery are either in München or Milan. I’ll be doing everything with a friend so i want it as simple as possible.


Thank you for the advice! I’ll think about what to buy, what is cheapest etc.

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Wonderful! And if you’re only getting one xSeries to start, it’s an easy way to see what it’s all about, and then you can consider range / future implants. Main thing I’d caution against (which it doesn’t seem you’re doing so :+1:) is buying a whole lot of xSeries at once for first time, and having way too high expectations.

Looking forward to hearing about your first implant, TBH, it can get a bit addictive :rofl:

Great advice, thank you! I’ll make sure i buy the necessary equipment.

That is what im afraid of, yes :weary:. If i had a professional near me to help me put them in, i would probably had bought two

Of which implant?

Another pill shaped one, probably the vivokey, its sold as a set and i suppose it would be pretty useful. I didnt really think about the bigger patch ones though, since i have no way of getting them in…

if you need any other info just PM me

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Unfortunately, the Spark isn’t too useful for most people at the moment. I think many are just using it to access the Vivokey forum. For the wedge (patch) shaped ones, they use a 4g needle you can buy on the DT store. Usually, piercers are able to do the procedure pretty easily, but the question is whether they want to or not.

Are you in Slovenia or one of the neighboring countries?


As someone mentioned, you should figure out your use case before you buy. Implants are not magic and not all student cards, and especially transit cards, are compatible. So before you buy, tell us exactly what you expect to use it for and we can tell you if that is a reasonable expectation. A lot of people get the implant, and then ask why it’s not working with their [insert some card here] and it’s because it simply uses different tech and is not compatible.

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It is highly unlikely you will be able to clone any transit passes there, they all use a Desfire EV2 AFAIK (so the only possibility is conversion).

Aha, good to know. Thanks for the heads up

So would the xDF2 be the better choice, should i want to use mostly transit cards?

Nope, it wouldn’t. Cards using a Desfire generally can’t be cloned to another card. If you wanted to implant a transit pass, you would need to send it to Amal, and he would remove the chip from it and convert it to a custom implant.

It is availible on the DT site under “Custom flex work”, but you have to contact them first for a quote (I wanna say 150-200$). It also is not a x series (“pill shaped”), but a flex form factor. I considered it, but I don’t use a transit pass enough for it to justify the expense.